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19th & 20th Century

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zayra alvarez

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of 19th & 20th Century

19th & 20th Century
Alyssa Torres & Zayra Alvarez
Ignaz Semmelweiss
Identified the cause of childbed fever (puerperal fever) which led to the importance of hand washing
Louis Pasteur (1860-1895)
He discovered that microorganisms cause disease (germ theory of communicable disease)
Joseph Lister
Used carbolic acid on wounds to kill germs: first doctor to use an antiseptic before surgery
Ernst Von Bergmann
He introduced steam sterilization of instruments and dressings and aseptic methods to the practice of surgery.
Robert Koch
Father of Microbiology; specific germ causes specific disease; identified germs causing TB (in 1880's killed 1 out of 7)
Wilhelm Roentgen
Discovered x-rays
Gerhard Domagk
Dmitri Ivanovsky
Discovered viruses i.e. poliomylitis, rabies, measles, influenza, chickenpox, German measles, herpes zoster, mumps
Alexander Fleming
Discovered penicillin
Discovered sulfonamide drugs (first medicine effective and killing bacteria)
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