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No description

Colleen Cahill

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Pixar

The Pixar Story The Pixar Business Model and why it works... The Future for Pixar 1984
Pixar is established
Lucasfilm Ltd.’s CG division purchased for $10M
Ed Catmull named CTO
Tin Toy is first animated film to win an Oscar
RenderMan program Launches
First commercial is made
Pixar goes Public
Toy Story hits U.S. theaters
John Lasseter awarded the Special Achievement Award at the Oscars
Pixar and Disney enter new agreement
Geri’s Game is released
Pixar and Disney team up
Pixar’s CAPS and RenderMan receive Scientific and Engineering Oscar
Creation of IBM logo
Creation of Paramount logo
A Bug’s Life breaks all previous box office records
Toy Story 2 released and breaks all previous records
David DiFrancesco receives award for PixarVision
Ann Mather becomes CFO
New versions of RenderMan are released
Differentiation Strategy 1. John Lasseter 2. Ed Catmull 3. Open minded employees 4. Small and organized work force 5. Extensive training at Pixar University 6. Permanent employees 7. Seven years from idea to film 8. Material continually edited and improved 9. Broad target market 10. Disney distribution channels 10 Reasons for the Success of Pixar's Business Model "Quality is a great business plan."
-John Lasseter Our Recommendations 1. Push limits of computer animation
2. Movies marketed toward whole family
3. Low Turnover
4. Hit movie per year
5. Merged with Disney 2006 for $7.4B
Brought Disney's production power and atmosphere created by films
6. Annual Earnings Growth- 8%
(what Pixar should keep doing) 2000
Moves to state-of-the-art building in Emeryville, CA.
New acquisitions – Brad Bird and Joe Roth
Record First Quarter EPS of $0.53

Co-founder Ed Catmull is named President of Pixar
John Lasseter signs ten-year contract with Pixar
Over 600 employees now work at Pixar
Monsters, Inc. - highest grossing animated film worldwide in 2001 and 3rd highest grossing animated film ever
Ed Catmull, Loren Carpenter, and Rob Cook honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences' Board of Governors with an Academy Award of Merit
Monsters Inc is release and is the #1 selling dvd and video of 2002
Recieved the Producer’s Guild of America’s inaugural Vanguard Award.
5/16-Pixar Animation Studios files trade secret, copyright and patent infringement claims against Exluna
7/22-Settles lawsuit with Exluna

Online Film Critics Society vote Toy Story #1 on the Top 100 Animated Features of All Time
Finding Nemo’s $70.2M opening weekend breaks box office records domestically, highest grossing film worldwide, and 8th highest grossing film of all time
Finding Nemo released on DVD and VHS and sells over 8M units on first day
Finding Nemo is best-selling DVD of all time, 40+ million copies sold
Announces multi-property publishing agreement with THQ
Simon Bax replaces Ann Mather as CFO
Ends discussion with Disney to extend their five-picture deal

John Lasseter makes directorial return with Cars
The Walt Disney Company purchases Pixar

Ratatouille – Recieves five Oscar nominations

The company now employees over 800 people "inspired leadership of the pixar toy story team resulting in the first
feature-length computer animated film"
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