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Ana's story; a journey of hope Jenna Bush Indepent reading project

No description

Victoria Ramphal

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Ana's story; a journey of hope Jenna Bush Indepent reading project

Ana's Story; A journey of hope By Jenna Bush Summary Quote Two What did I gain? Recommendations Quote Three - Its about a girl named Ana.
-This book starts from when she was a child up
until she was about 17
-Ana was abused by her aunt and grandmother.
-Ana went to a shelter when she was about 14-15
-Then Ana ended up and the Hoger (its an shelter with people with HIV/AIDS).
-Berto and Ana's relationship started to grow.
-Berto got really sick her couldn't walk even walk
-Ana had Berto's baby
-Ana Moved in with her aunt Aida
-Ana found a new guy (Guillermo) she began to gain feelings for Guillermo so she Ended her relationship with Berto. " When Ana tried to ask her abuela
about the past-why her mama and Lucia
died-her grandmother had
snapped, "don't worry
about it . Just as your told. (Bush, Page 20)". "By the time Ana was in the
sixth grade,she had three
secrets, and, all secrets do,
one protects another.( Bush, Page 31)". " Berto ran his fingers through Ana's long, wavy hair. She looked into his eyes and saw pleasure and desire. (Bush, Page 165)" After reading this book about Ana's life,
I gained the knowledge of HIV/AIDS. Many
people were infected with this disease but they
didn't Know how they could have caught HIV/AIDS
they thought by touching something that someone
who was infected with this disease they could be infected. I also learned about how kids were be discriminated because of their diseases. Kids at a very young age were thrown out of school because of their diseases, I recommend this book for people who wants
to learn about HIV/AIDS. This book is also a book
about a girl trying to fight her disease and
protect her baby for the disease. Quote One Published in 2007 This quote is important because this keep Ana
from asking questions about the pills she took everyday and her mothers death. This quote is important because she is protecting her self. Her grandmother told her if her teachers find out she has AIDS they'll throw her out of school and Ana really liked school. And she was afraid if people would discriminate and judge her because of her illness. This quote is important to this book because this part is the where Ana and
Berto's bond starts to gain stronger. In
the book the author tells us Ana feels like Berto is the only guy that has ever loved her.
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