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No description

Juan Teles da Silva

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of -

A time when I collaborated with others to determine actions needed to achieve mutual goals
An example of an IBM project that particularly excites me
SmartWatch Decision Support System:
We wanted to do something ambitious that could actually be useful
Drafted several model ideas
Decided to design a model that could be used by any enterprise from scratch, completely adjustable
User friendly with an introductory sheet
Aim of the project
- Design a DDS in Microsoft Excel that enabled the end-user to analyse the potential for a new product under different market scenarios
What happened?
Groups chosen at random
Communication Breakdown
Realised the different potential of group members
Took leadership
Smartwatch idea and proposal
Aya 'Marketing part' (competition, current market opportunities, features of smartwatches and potential prospects)
Manuel and I technical part
Don't Stop Carcavelos
Good Morning
Environmental Campaign
Sand Dunes Preservation Awareness
Portuguese coastline of 1,187km

40 volunteers came to the event!
"But...can we do better?"
What will happen?
New apps that will transform how businesses and employees work using iPhone and iPad
Companies will achieve new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction
What would I bring to IBM and how would IBM benefit me?
About a time where I have been innovative and created an idea
Sand Dunes protect against water intrusion and wind effect
Proposed idea to 3 friends
Planned challenging event - cleaning Lisbon's largest beach (Carcavelos)
Proposed project to school board
Presented project to over 400 students
Secured local city support in funding, advertising and supply of provision and equipment
Presented to more students, parents and surrounding schools
Advertised by well-known journalist
Created own logo, website and FB page
Supported by more institutions
Reached an audience of over 1000 people
Over 110 volunteers!
IBM and Apple = bringing businesses the devices, services, security, and integration they need to exploit the full potential of mobility
IBM - Strength in cloud, enterprise storage, big data, analytics and enterprise computing
Apple - Large consumer market of phones and tablets, legendary user experience, hardware and software integration systems and developer platform
Sales Associate
Real-time product, inventory and location information
Analytics-based insights into customer profile
Delivery of real-time recommendation
IBM and Apple are redefining the mobile enterprise by combining the exponential power of corporate data with the world’s best mobile technology.

The new MobileFirst era has begun.
What would I bring to IBM?
Determination and Costumer-Focused spirit
Initiative and Creative Problem-Solving
Reliability and Teamworking, being able to create an environment where everyone feels accountable for the success of the organisation
Hard-worker and results-driven
Great Motivation, Ambition and Appreciation for IBM, allowing me to give my best and prove my value with this opportunity
How would IBM benefit me?
Ground-breaking expertise that would help me thrive in my career
Develop my teamworking, commercial awareness and planning and organising skills
Understand the workplace culture of an always-evolving company
The tools and know-how to make my ideas reality
The power to work for a
Smarter Planet
Aya's research useful for potential features for a Smartwatch
Difficulty in accounting with competition
Manuel and Aya became pessimistic
I did not let myself down and remained optimistic, motivating them not to give up
We were able to overcome, as a group, our obstacles
Sense of belongingness and teamwork
Graded 90% on the project
Soon we started coming up with a few alternatives
Statistics Concept - Regression Analysis
Could not make it work
Statistics lecturer
Managed to understand Regression Analysis and have functional model!
Thank you
By Juan Teles da Silva
Very much!
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