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The Portfolio Presentation.

No description

Dona Anderson

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of The Portfolio Presentation.

My 8th Grade Year Part V: The Big Picture Part I: Humanities Part II: Mathematics Part IV: The Special Piece You're probably wondering why I should go to High School. I am a reasonably good Student and feel it is Important to go to High School. I need to continue my Education and I can't do that if I'm stuck in Middle School. Not that there's anything wrong with Middle School, I'm just ready to leave. Part III: Science I am now quite pleased to present Pieces from Science,
because Science is my favorite subject. Yay for Science.
There are also many Learning Targets in Science that I can't mention here, but I will show you the Piece I have chosen. My name is Dona Anderson.
This is my third year at Capital City.
I really enjoy the subjects of math and science,
as well as chess, video games, and drawing.
I draw for hours.
I would like to be a cartoonist and write books. There are six Learning Targets for this subject:
c.Literature Text
e.Oral Presentation
f.Information Text And Now I will Share A Surprise Piece From Another Class. Please Alert Yourself To The Small Text. Chronicles Of A Guin I hold myself accountable for my actions
and try to show integrity at all times. But sometimes I'm disorganized,
and not terribly adept at letting my courage show. A Little Bit About Myself. People Who Have Impacted My Journey As An Eighth Grader. Lourdes- The Awesome Sidekick Who Helped
And Accompanied Me Ms. Morenoff- The Amazing Mentor Who
Guided And Encouraged Me Dad- The Super Dad Who Challenged Me
And Made Me Prove Myself That Concludes My Presentation.
Thank You. On a side note, I love penguins. My strongest Learning target is Vocabulary.
I have a large vocabulary and I tend to be good with words. That's important, because if I want to write books, I've got to be good with words and dialogue. And also communication. On the other hand, my weakest Learning Target is Research. I am not so good at doing research, which is a problem because I may have to research for a project or story. Those are important. Allow me to direct you to these small boxes of text. I Will Now Show You Two Pieces
Of Work From Humanities. There are a vast amount of Learning Targets
for the subject of Mathematics. Regrettably I cannot tell you all of them. I will, however, show you a selection of Pieces from the subject of Mathematics, assuming, of course, that you will find this method satisfactory. One Thing In Mathematics that is Easy for me is the
Pythagorean Theorem. Triangles have no secrets from me. One thing in Mathematics that is a Challenge for me is having to deal with the Fumbles and Errors that come from the Teacher of Mathematics. It is Unfortunate that the General Population of Students do not highly favor the Teacher of Mathematics. More Small Text! And Yet Again, The Small Text. In Science, there are Many Things that I find to be Easy,
one of which is the Periodic Table and matters concerning Atoms. Ions, Isotopes, and Compounds are a Joy. One thing that is a Challenge is...
wait, that's right, There Are No
Challenges In Science. Sorry about
that. Moving On. Keep Going... Almost There... This Piece is from my Art class. It's not here because it is Too Large and Unfinished to Present. But that won't Stop me from Sharing it. I feel I am ready to
make this Giant Leap. This graph shows all
of my Grades through
Quarter 3. I was not
able to obtain Grades
for Quarter 4. This graph shows my
Science Grades through
Quarter 3. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q1 Q2 Q3 This is a Graph
of my Mathematics
Grades through
Quarter 3. This Graph shows my
Humanities Grade through Quarter 3. Now is the time to give me any:
a) Questions
b) Comments
c) Complaints
d) Other Such Remarks I would like to remind you that Capital City
has three requirements for critique. It must be:
a) Kind
b) Specific
c) Helpful If your statements don't fit these requirements,
please think before you speak. Q1 Q2 Q3
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