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No description

Brian Carroll

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of NAAG

Effective Writing
for a Digital Age
for Nat'l Assn. of Attorneys General
Brian Carroll
3 take-aways, or shifts in thinking:
>Writing for spaces, not surfaces
>Establishing a new paradigm for credibility
>Discovering your voice and consistently
communicating with and thorugh that voice
a case study
Social media:
the conversation
A case study
Key words
Headlines, decks,
Key words
Implications of writing for spaces and not a surfaces:

• Navigation IS the site, not just a feature
• Priority on speed bumps, signs, clear indicators
• Interactors want to scan, surf, MOVE (as opposed to merely reading)
• Meta tags
• Page titles
• Headlines
• Deckheads
• Sub-heads
• Chunks and bites
• Lists (like this one)
• Hyperlinks
• Layers & drill-downs
• Interactive
• Multimedia
From surfaces to spaces

A new paradigm
for credibility

(let them into the kitchen)
Authenticity (be real, be true)
Oh, the humanity of it all
(be you -- VOICE)
Discovering, discerning, determining
A case study: Typography
Discovering your voice
From Hoefler & Frere-Jones
What did we do? Three big ideas

•The shift from analog to digital, from surfaces to spaces >> MOVEMENT
•The need for keyword-driven layers, chunks, bites
•The opportunity to continue the conversation, to become part of the flow or river of tweets, likes, comments
Vanderbilt Medical Center
Twitter feed
• Tweeting just headlines.
• When a story breaks, wait until you have the whole story.
• Go it alone.
• Auto-pump your tweets to Facebook.
• Overdo your hashtags.
• Make it all, or even mostly, about you.

More reasons to embrace Twitter
• Conduct interviews with sources (or set up interviews)
• Promote a story or series by tweeting headlines and hyperlinks
• Collect feedback
• Cover a live event
• Network
• Provide the AG office with a human face and a personal touch

Start following people
Acknowledge tweets sent to you
Thank people when they RT you
Tweet at different times to catch different groups of people
Search on topics that interest you and follow topic experts
Find original content to share
Ask people questions
Add your thoughts to links your share
Use a URL shortner like bit.ly
Listen to what people are saying
Try and build relationships, just like you would offline
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