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Introduction to Literary Symbolism

No description

P Robertson

on 31 October 2018

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Transcript of Introduction to Literary Symbolism

OBJECT= Light Bulb
A symbol is an OBJECT, EVENT, ACTION, OR CHARACTER which represents an ABSTRACT CONCEPT.
Think about the abstract idea of LOVE…
Draw something that symbolizes love.
Sometimes the symbols are obvious; sometimes they are very subtle.
Symbols are used intentionally by authors and poets to add power and depth to their messages.
Amanda flung herself onto her bed as tears dripped down her face. She had always thought that she and Ben would be together forever. That was until Ben dropped the news earlier that day that he asked someone else to the Christmas dance. Amanda turned over onto her side and through her watery eyes she saw the roses that Ben had sent her for her birthday the week before. When she had first received them, they had been a brilliant red, but now they were dulling in color and withering. As she watched, a single petal untangled itself from the bouquet and fell to the floor.
The rain appeared to be coming down in sheets the evening of Molly’s cousin’s funeral. Molly sat on the edge of her bed watching the dark clouds roll through the sky, watching the light dim from the sky, and listening to the clock slowly tick away the seconds. She finally gathered enough strength to reach into her closet to pull out a black dress. Before walking out of her room, Molly bent down and blew out the candle that was resting on her nightstand, leaving behind a puff of smoke.
Seasons can be symbolic in poems and stories as well…
Other common literary symbols…
New Beginnings
Growing Old
Symbols in TKAM
Because _________ can be described as or is known for _____________________________________________, it symbolizes __________________________________ in Harper Lee's
To Kill a Mockingbird.
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