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The truth about Fast Food..

No description

Emily Clark

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of The truth about Fast Food..

The truth about Fast Food..
We're getting depressed.
A healthy diet is a part that keeps our hormone levels on an even keel, while a diet is high in junk food. Consuming trans fats, saturated fats, and processed food is associated with up to 58 percent increase in risk of depression.
Over-weight kids are the
one's who get bullied more
then most kids. Fast food
doesn't only make you
depressed, it can ruin your
Low self-esteem can lead to consequences
like depression. Depression--Which can lead to

How much weight can you gain?
While eating fast food most people don't think of the weight gain or what it can do to your health. You're thinking about how good it taste and that you want more and more.

Did you know that if you know
that if you eat fast food two day's in
a row, then you can easily gain 10 IB.

Fast food doesn't have the nutrition
that our bodies need in order to have
the proper diet to keep us moving
without getting tired within 15
minutes. Eating fast food or any
food, then just sitting, watching
T.V. -- Go for a walk to burn off
the calories.
American's are eating all the fast food!
The number of fast food restaurants in America is ridiculous, 160,000 restaurants, number of Americans served each day is 50 million or more, they get $110 billion in a week.

The health decision is to eat fast food maybe twice a month, it'll give your body a brake from all the junk you have in your stomach from repeatedly eating fast food.
The obesity rate for adults in America is 27.7% it's a fast way to get some lunch to eat, then go. The obesity weight for children in America is 43.2%
Their parents excuse for not making dinner is their, "too tired" so they get some fast food. They aren't tired from just work, they're tired because of how much fast food they've been eating for lunch!
Why do famous celebrities advertize fast food commercials?
One reason any campaign wants a popular celebrity spokesperson is because kids are attracted to them no matter what they are doing. Kids look to them, and they want to be like them. we can't expect kids to turn off that admiration when the person is selling sugar. At best, kids might be confused. At worst, they'll think the messages about soda are the same as the message about water, and those two beverages aren't the same, If kids are turning to athletes as role models, it's in their best interest if their idols are consistent. Consistent messaging of positive behaviors will showcase healthier life.
Hamburger beef.
You know the after, but have you seen before?
Chicken nuggets.
How much burgers do they sell in a day/week/year?
McDonalds sells 6,480,00 burgers a day, and approximately 23,652,000,000 per year. That makes an average of 75 sold per second.
Chicken nuggets.
Chicken Nuggets.
Looks , right?
What have people found in their food?
People have found hair, nails, bones nose rings, bugs, and in their fast food bags..
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