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Skate and BMX Facility Strategy

No description

Natasha Nicholson

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Skate and BMX Facility Strategy

Consultation (during)
Recommended Locations
The Journey in a snapshot...
Image by Tom Mooring
Facility Provision Model
Getting skate back on the books
Site Selection Criteria
Survey Promotion
Thank You!
Skate and BMX Facility Strategy, City of Stirling
Community Advocates and SSA's
Social Media
Media Releases
Forum & Website
Internal knowledge base
External stakeholders
Community Survey
Community Workshop
Skate and BMX Register
Survey Stats
376 responses
96% supported
48% 12-18yrs
increased popularity, more diversity, overcrowding, safety
Workshop Stats
35 attendees
mix of people
5 key themes - safety, amenities, accessibility, skill development & range of facilities
Consultation (after)
Skate and BMX Video
Present key stats,
Address the negative perceptions

"...a facility that compliments the hub and focuses on functionality and providing a point of difference which is integrated with the surrounding natural and urban environment"
"...embraces the idea that skate and BMX activities are fluid, informal and transitional to provide 'skate spots' within either urban landscapes, path networks or recreational spaces."
Natural Surveillance & Sight Lines
Limited Impact
Distance from Housing
Integrated with Existing Facilities
Based on a network of interconnected facilities
Not planned in isolation
Observations of uniformity among previous skateparks and willingness to travel for new experiences
Provide different experiences and uniqueness tailored to the surrounding environment
"...a centralised facility which caters to the widest range of potential users and forms an intergenerational space for the whole community"
Incidental facilities could be pieces of art, furniture, skate paths or traditional skate items
"OMG - I have no words - this is amazing and so well put together - congratulations!" (Stirling Resident)
"Thanks so much with all your assistance and the professional way this Strategy proposition has been facilitated through the community. I would like to thank you and the Rec and Leisure Services teams, the document is very in keeping with the thoughts of many, many parents in the City." (Stirling Resident)
Natasha Nicholson
(08) 9205 8462
Growing demand
Current facility gap
Building the Case
Princess Wallington Reserve - Satellite Facility

Our Community
Participation Rates
Industry Trends
Addressing the stigma
Highlighting the benefits
Major barriers to access facilities and equipment
Importance of wifi and technology
Equal provision of recreational opportunities
Spaces to 'hang out'
Building our case
Consultation - Internally and Externally
Facility Provision Model

Mainstream Sport - e.g. Olympics
Higher than organised sports
Continued growth
Comparisions with other LGAs
Changes in design and provision philosophy
Increasing emphasis on health and well being

Demographics - 24% between 5-24yrs
Growing Demand
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