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No description

Liam Howard

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Stardust@Home

The bigger the star dust the younger the stardust is.

3- facts
2. There is
infinite amounts
in the universe.
1. Stardust is
and can only be seen by microscope.
3. Stardust makes up everything.
1:Finding the stardust in its container is like finding 1000 ants on a football field

2:The array of the commit is 40 cm 16 inches in diameter.
The Stardust Mission Is a citizen scientist experiment. The Stardust Mission is the first experiment to analyze dust particles that were collected in space, and scientists are eager to analyze them. We estimate that Stardust Mission collected thousands of different types of dust particles. The stardust particles are tiny, only about the size of a micron! These miniscule particles are embedded in an aerogel collector 1,000 square centimeters in size. Finding them will be like searching for a handful of ants on a football field while searching 5x5 centimeter square at a time. We are identifying stardust particles.
3: Interstellar dust particles are tiny only about a micron is size a millionth of a meter.
The Website:
Made By:
Sam Guzman
Liam Howard
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