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Carina Alva-Jorgensen

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of MRS.H.GREN

What are the 8 Characteristics of Living Organisms?
The 8 characteristics help us find out whether something is a living Organism.
Movement is to alter your position, It is most helpful when you need to flee from danger.
Respiration is releasing energy from your food. For example if we were to run a race we would use the energy from food we have eaten to win.
Sensitivity is to sense and respond to your environment. You use sensitivity to heat a whistle or a horn.
Homeostasis is controlling your internal conditions. For example, controlling your heart rate, your temperature.
Growth is to be able to grow and develop. For example a plant is able to grow new leaves.
Reproduction is to be able to create offspring. For example, laying eggs.
TO be able to get rid of waste products.
Aquire certain Food chemicals, for example Nutrition is used to eat a snack.
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