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Leadership Course

No description

Patrick Butterell

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Course

Leadership Styles “Do it the way I tell you”- obtaining immediate compliance cohersive “People first, task second ”
creating harmony among people,
positive emotions. affiliative coaching Developing others ”-focus on long-term development of people’s talents and abilities democratic “Participative”- building commitment & generating ideas through consensus & delegation. pacesetting “Copy me -I’m best”-accomplishing tasks to high standards, leading by example. authorititive “Firm but fair leader”- providing long-term direction, vision, standards and the rationale for change. please be candid Leadership Course Scenario

A member of staff with a TLR responsibility, who you line-manage, is not fulfilling their role but, when challenged, claims it is your fault because she has no job description and, therefore, does not know what is expected of her. Her claim re: not having a job description is true. However, despite performing well at interview and appearing to have the understanding , skills and qualities to fulfil the role, she is, from current performance, underperforming. For next time

a situation you feel on relection you would have dealt with differently
an ongoing situation that you would like to share with the group
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