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Copy of FANTASY 사고와 표현

No description

Kelly Noeldechen

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of FANTASY 사고와 표현

Examples Hobbits, Wizards, and Magic
Ogres, Gremlins, and Sorcery Creatures Battling
in Far Off Lands 판타지 연극 ㅎ Eragon series Ice Fire series Once Upon a Marigold Grimm Fairy Tales FANTASY What makes a book a fantasy novel? Setting: an imaginary world set during past, present, or future that humans cannot create.
Characters: superhuman or animals with human characteristics
Plot: a journey or quest with magic or imaginary acts Escape to an imaginary world Dragon Novels Eon Fairies,
Enchanted Forests,
Fairy Tales East Spiderwick Tall Tales Story with unbelievable elements
The hero or main character has a problem to solve and solves it in an exaggerated or funny way.
The tales were about people who were trying to conquer the American Wilderness. Most of these tall tales were written back in the 1800's when the pioneers were trying to conquer the wilderness of America
(Wild West)
The plot is funny and adventurous Exaggerated tales that stretch the truth
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