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South East Asia

No description

dominic boudreaux

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of South East Asia

South East Asia Camboda school government entertainment religion culture food fashion currency Cambodian currency is called riels the most important culture symbol is the ancient khmer temple Angkor Wat,along w/ the ancient Khmer empire and its monumental antiquities. classical dance is also an important national symbol, consciously tries in custom and gesture to recreate Angkorean bas-reliefs. divied into primary, secondary, higher,and specialized levels.
The curriculeum consistes of arthmetics,history,ethics,civics,drafting,geography,hygiene,language, and science. team sports played in Cambodia include football,basketball,volleyball,swimming,and coastline and inland waters. kramah- long cotton scarf, worn around the neck, over the shoulders, orwrapped on the head. sarong- a wrap worn by men and women at home or when working in the feilds. sampot- a simple skirt made of cotton or silk, worn by women. The style has a single fold or pleat at the front. Cambodia is predominatly buddhist. cambodia is a constitutional monarchy. people eat the rice fried, steamed, or as rice noddles. they eat fish fresh,dried, or salted Indonesia government food currency school culture entertainment religion indonesia is predominantly muslim population with significant buddhist and Hindu. consist primary, secondary, higher Rupiah Indonesia is a republic based on the 1945 constitution providing for a separation of executive, legislative, and judicial power. the basic diet on the most of islands is rice, supplemented w/ vegetables, a bit of fish, and once in a while, savory meat and eggs. Fashion people inindonesia wear the same type clothing as americans. they wear them in their own ways or styles. indonsiean culture is big on their folk dances. art and handicrafts is one of indonesia's true national riches. Indonesian art forms can include designs traced back to early animistic beliefs, ancestor worship,hindu or buddhist influenced motifs brought by indian traders, chinese or Islamic symbols and beliefs. Philippines government food culture fashion entertainment school religion currency the currency is called peso. consists of roman catholics,protestants,muslims,buddhism schools consist elementry grades 1-6, secondary 4 years, and tertiary education 4-5 for BS degree. republic republic republic satwater,freshwater,fish,and shellfish are eaten daily. the people dress acording to the weather year round it is hot. the Philippines areknown for its colorful and lively culture. folk dances are a big part of thier culture.they showcase the elegance and beauty of the way they do things, shown in paintings influenced by events that happend in thier history. although the philippines have many sports basketball and boxing are the most popular. others consist of volleyball,soccor,billiards,tenpin bowling,badmintion,and sipa. Thailand government fashion currency entertainment culture food religion consists of Buddhist,muslims,confucianists,christans. the main food in thailand is rice constitutional monarchy the currency is called Baht thai wears tradional clothing. the most popular sport in thailand is kickboxing. thier culture has been greatly influenced by their leading religion,buddhism Vietnam food government fashion culture currency religion entertainment school school school kids in vietnam go to school six days a week. from monday-saturday.they only attend for four hours each day.it lasts from September-May. students dont get grades on a report card. instead they are ranked 1st,2nd,3rd ect. buddhism catholicism some sports in vietnam are soccer,boxing,judo,karate,ect. basic ingredent is rice.they are influenced by french and a little Thai communist state dong consists of arts,religion,legends and folk tales in every city the people wear different styles of thier culture clothing
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