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"Getting to Know You"

No description

Russel John Alvarez

on 13 July 2014

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Transcript of "Getting to Know You"

Nikki Ann Pascual
Hi! I'm NikkiAnn Sarte Pascual,"Nikki,Niks,Niknik" 16 yrs. Old , unica hija , from Mabitac,Laguna, 158cm(height) , Morena XD , We're 4 in the family, my mother,father and my brother. Im a Kpop fangirl.
Getting to know...
Marianne Miranda
Hi my name is Marianne Gem F. Miranda "Yanyan" for short. I'm 16. I live at Longos kalayaan,Laguna. When I was young my mother and my father went abroad to earn money for a living. I value everything. I have long patience and im a bit philosopher. Sometimes i'm insecure to others but then I realize that I don't have to be because I have a happy family. And also I'm a pet lover.
Getting to know...
Erjohn Balota
Erjohn Balota,
I'm a transparent kind of person, loner, sensitive,I don't go to crowd places, always watching interested video like how it's made, the numbers game, documentary video, rise of the machine, magic of science etc.
Getting to know...
Francheska Mae Lebria
Hey! Im Francheska Mae Lebria, Cheska for short. Im at the age of 16. Ihave a cute height and its 4'9. Is'nt it cute? I have a straight, black colored hair, and a filipino color skin. XD I have a big and happy family. Were 6 in the family Including my mother and father. I have 3 brothers and Im the only girl.
Getting to know...
"Getting to Know You"
Part 1 by Group 3
Russel John C. Alvarez
Hi! I am Russel John C. Alvarez, 16 years old. Currently residing at Barangay Duhat, Sta. Cruz Laguna. We are six in our family.
Im an alumni member of the Official Theater Group of LSPU-SCC namely "DULAANG SANGHAYA".
Honestly speaking, I do loved performing. I am a Friendly type of person that's why it's easy for me to gain new friends but i do choose my friends wisely.
My philosophy in life is that "I don't have to change myself just for the sake of others, because No one can play my role better than me."
Getting to know...
Getting to know...
Jennilyn Inducil
Hello ! Jennilyn Inducil . 17 years old. Living at Pagsawitan, Sta Cruz Laguna . Friend of mine called me Jenny . i'm tall at the height of 5'4 and skin as snow ! XD . I have 3 sibling"s . And my family called me "lenlen".
Maria Elmira Co
Maria Elmira Tolentino Co. Elmira/Baby, 22 y/o
Brgy. Biñan Pagsanjan , Laguna
I have 3 kuya's . And I'm the only girl in the family (aside from my mom) , and the youngest in the family, that came my nickname "Baby" because my dad always sees me as her baby princess.
I'm a shy person,friendly,sometimes masungit. Before meron akong online shop, pero nung nagka-work na ko di ko na napagtuunan ng pansin kaya natigil. I've already finished a 2year course on PWU last 2010 as an Health Care Services (Practical Nursing). It took me almost 4years bago ulit nakapag-aral, kasi my dad told me if I want to continue my studies it should be as as Nursing student, but I really don't want to take BS-Nursing. So I decided to stop, and look for a job. I've got 5 work experiences already. As a production crew, cashier, clerk, and sales secretary in a merchandising/distributing company. I am sometimes lazy,
Getting to know...
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