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Arthur Sasse

No description

Alyssa Imbrogno

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Arthur Sasse

Arthur Sasse
Albert Einstein
On March 14th 1951 at The Princeton Club was Dr. Albert Einstein himself, and his friends and colleagues to celebrate his 72nd birthday. Photographers were sent to the event, Arthur Sasse included to take pictures of the evening. Arthur Sasse tried to convince Einstein to smile for the camera, but having smiled all day, he decided to stick his tongue out, Making it the most iconic shot of Einstein ever.
UN Delegates in Session
Arthur Sasse Photographer
Arthur Sasse was born on July 30th, 1908 and died October 1973.

He was a UPI (United Press International) photographer.

He was mainly famous for the iconic shot of Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out.
Taken By Arthur Sasse
March 14th 1951
December 1st, 1954
UN Session
This is a photo of The United Kingdom in session, they were discussing the U.S. blasts jailing of Americans by Red China. Intending later to raise issue of the 13 captives and of "the hundreds of other U.N. personnel". This was held by Chinese Reds.
Child Cuddling With a St. Bernard Dog
February 13, 1956
Fifteen month old baby cuddles up to a St. Bernard. It was taken to show that a king size canine is as gentle as a lamb. It was in honor of the 80th annual Westminster Kennel Club Show which opened at Madison Square Garden.
Baby Cuddling With a St. Bernard
Work Cites
"Nutty Professor"
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