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Great Plains indains

No description

Emilio Marquez

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Great Plains indains

The Great Plains Indians
When the spanish explorers first saw the great plains they called it the sea of grass.The french colonist saw the great plains they called it the prairies. The great plains covers 1/4 of America. The grass is sometimes taller than man.

Clothing and Tools
Teepees belonged to the woman. The shelter is made out of buffalo skins and sticks. They used portable houses called teepees. They also made grass houses that got up to 20 feet. Indians that are not nomads make houses made of earth and grass. The Pawnee made houses covered in soil and dome shaped these were called
People that were part of the government got 160 acres for cheap. The native americans chose there elderly to lead the tribe.When the leaders want to move the village the entire village moves.The leader lives in the biggest teepee

Native american woman cooks next to her home.
Sometimes the great plains indians wore a bear claw necklace for special purposes. Breast plates were made of bones or shells.Arrows heads were made of quartz, flint, chert and quartzite.Attacking tools are tomahawks, clubs, spears and bows.The thumb scraper cleans hide.
The spanish battled a lot with the indians.When the is a skulls on the village that means all the indians were killed.There was always a fire in the middle the teepee.While hunting they rode horses and used bows and spears to hunt. indians came across a land bridge
Sorry Mr.Pug until next time.
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