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The Hero's Journey: The Hobbit

Novel Cinema 3221

Tasha Martin

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey: The Hobbit

The Hero's Journey by: Tasha Martin The Ordinary World Hobbiton Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit, who lives in The Shire. He is a respectable hobbit who enjoys his seven meals a day. At 50 years old, he is living comfortably. The Call to Adventure The call presents itself when Gandalf (a wizard) arrives and asks Bilbo to join an adventure with him. The Refusal of The Call After all 13 dwarves arrive at Bilbo's house, Bilbo officially refuses the call to adventure, because, respectable hobbits don't go on adventures. Meeting with The Mentor In this case, Bilbo's mentor is Gandalf. During this meeting, Gandalf pretty well tells Bilbo that he is going on the adventure. With that, Bilbo runs out of The Shire to catch up with the dwarves. Crossing the First Threshold Bilbo crosses the first threshold when he leaves The Shire in a rush to catch up with the dwarves. Tests, Allies & Enemies During Bilbo's journey, he meets many people. Among them are allies and enemies. His allies are The Elves from Rivendell, The Eagles, Beorn and the humans in Lake Town. His enemies are The Goblins, The Wargs and The Wood Elves. Along with friends and foes, Bilbo faces some trials; like the 3 trolls, the giant spiders and Gollum. During his trial with the trolls and Gollum, Bilbo finds an elvish dagger and a magical ring - both objects help him in tasks later on. Approach to the Inmost Cave At this stage, Bilbo literally approaches a cave in the Lonely Mountain where Thorin's treasure is being hoarded by a dragon named Smaug. Inside this Mountain is where Bilbo has his first encounter with the dragon. Supreme Ordeal In The Hobbit, this is where Bilbo Baggins faces death. At the bottom of the Lonely Mountain, a battle of five armies is held. (Dwarves, Wood Elves and Humans vs. Wargs and Goblins) Reward At the end of it all, Bilbo receives a bit of treasure as a reward from the dwarves. He also gets to keep the ring and his elvish dagger, Sting. The Road Back On Biblo's journey back home, he, Beord and Gandalf take the long way around Mirkwood to keep away from anything dangerous. They spend winter at Beorn's house where they celebrate. Resurrection Bilbo doesn't have a "resurrection" per se, but he does recover from his wound and weariness in Rivendell. Return with the Elixir Bilbo Baggins returns to the Shire just as they began auctioning off his house - everyone believed him to be dead! He is back home now from his long journey with his bit of gold.
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