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The Potawatomi Story

No description

Jakiera Hawkins

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of The Potawatomi Story

The Potawatomi Story
Characters, Motifs, & meanings
Tribe of origin
This myth was basically about a creator known as the earth maker. The earth maker created three types of people the white people, the black people, the red people. The red people was the native americans that were broken off into three tribes. The Potawatomi, Ottawa, & Ojibwe. These tribes didn't get along and had many battles. There were three men from each tribe who all lost ten sons and each of these men were mourning these lost. coincidentally one by one the men wondered upon the same tree. The tree gave the men a since a peace. They all realized that the fighting was pointless and went back to their tribes and tried to make peace. Soon everyone realized the great spirit had brought them together. They had a feast And they all smoke from the peace pipe. After this gathering the tribes resolved their issues and came to live in harmony as one.
Earth maker- creator
white person- not all the way done
black person- overbaked
red person- just right
first man-Ojibwe
second man-Ottawa
third man-Potawatomi
The native americans: Potawatomi , Ottawa, Ojibwe of Wisconsin.
Explanation of myth
This myth showed the creation of the three tribes and how the fighting was meaningless and ended up bringing the tribes to one
Peace pipe
Three men who lost sons
Presentation By:
Ja'Kiera Hawkins
Tashyanna Hughes
Danny Hermandez
Ashton Hritz
Picture (three men standing) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mohave_Indians_by_Mollhansen.jpg

(picture men with pipe)


myth from: http://www.gly.uga.edu/railsback/CS/CSPotawatomi.html
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