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This year the Ford Motor Company Fund provided financial sup

No description

Shannon Marchant

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of This year the Ford Motor Company Fund provided financial sup

Step Up: Be A Leader
A Student Mentoring Program
Step Up: Be A Leader
"This sounds like a lot of work, I don't think I have time for this."
Your Online Tool Kit
If you sign up as a mentor for the Step Up program you will have access to the Step Up Blackboard web page.

This page will provide you with all of the tools necessary to conduct your presentation!

What's the Catch?

How do I get involved?
1. Fill out the Sign Up Sheet with your contact information

2. Indicate
of the session dates / times you are available

3. Indicate
2 session
dates you prefer by circling them
This year the Ford Motor Company Fund has provided financial support to assist the Institute for Leadership and Development at the University of Detroit Mercy in fostering service partnerships throughout metropolitan Detroit.
This semester LEAD 4000 and PYC 2600 will collaborate with various high school students throughout metro Detroit in a mentoring program called STEP UP: Be A Leader.
These High Schools Include:
Jalen Rose Leadership Academy
Bishop Foley Catholic School
As a student mentor your job will be to promote success in the classroom and assist in the transition from high school to college, by promoting awareness of various topics you will learn in the classroom and sharing the skills that make you a successful college student.
The Step Up program is designed as a service learning project. UDM students will learn specific topics in the classroom and then promote awareness of these topics by providing interactive presentations to high school students.
Step Up: Be A Leader
What is this program about?
What would my job be?
How many sessions can I do?
You are required to create and present at least 2 presentations, however you can attend any number of sessions and receive service hours for your efforts
We understand that you are busy college students but this is why we chose you!

We want you to share everything about your experience as a college student with local high school students so that they can be where you are one day!

How do you balance your school work, your job and your social life? What makes you successful? How do you manage your time?
These are all skills that we have developed over time and believe it or not, these are skills we can share with other students to promote success.

It's that EASY
Campus Tour
Group Discussions
Promoting Awareness
What are some of the session topics?
Balancing Life as a High School Student
Reducing Aggression
Stress Management
Studying Skills
Social Media Awareness
Leadership Development
Reducing Prejudice
Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness
Promoting Positive Alternatives

Make the presentation your own! Be enthusistic and be yourself!
Previous Mentors
As UDM students it is our responsibility to lead, serve and make a difference in the community.
The University of Detroit Mercy, a Catholic university in the Jesuit and Mercy traditions, exists to provide excellent student-centered undergraduate and graduate education in an urban context.

Our founders, Catherine McAuley and Ignatius shape our traditions and values. Catherine McAuley created the “House of Mercy” with the help of the sisters of mercy and Ignatius and his followers became the Jesuits who teach and serve around the world.
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