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KERSULI in English

No description

Zsuzsanna Kis

on 10 December 2017

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Transcript of KERSULI in English

There are 16 classrooms
What do we do beyond training?
Classrooms are on the groundfloor, the first floor and the second floor.
Our classrooms specialized for needs of subjects. So we have got:
mathematics rooms
history hall
trade specialized rooms
marketing room
logistics specialized rooms
financial-accounting specialized room
sellers specialized rooms
But in every classroom there is a computer and a projector.

In our school there are friendly and patient teachers
And about 550 students

Terézvárosi Commercial and Economic Secondary and Vocational School
41 Szondi Street, Budapest 1064
Our school
What do we educate?
The school building was built at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Our school was established in 1979.

In the building there are a basement, a groundfloor and 2 floors. And a small courtyard is connected to the building.

At the basement there are:
1 large gym
2 smaller gyms
dressing rooms

On the groundfloor there is a reception.

On the first floor there are two teacher's rooms and some offices.

We have got a beautiful library on the groundfloor.

There are books, textbooks, CDs, DVDs, videotapes, magazines and some computers for students to use.

And there is a librarian who helps students.

We have 2 IT rooms on the second floor. There are 20-20 computers in the IT rooms.

In one of the IT rooms we teach IT lessons, but in the other IT room we teach professional subjects, for example bookkeeping by computer.

There are projectors in IT rooms too, so students can see what the teacher does and what they need to do.

After elementary school:
4 year training
from class 9 to class 12
you could choose:
basic trading
basic logistics
- at the end of the 4 year training you can take a matura exam, and you get both a certificate of the matura exam and that of a profession, which is a level 4 profession in the European Qualification Frameworks
3 year training for seller
from class 9 to class 11
at the end of the 3 year training you can take an exam, and you get a profession, which is a level 3 profession in the European Qualification Frameworks
2 year training for matura exam
from class 12 to 13
if you have a profession level 3, you can choose this training
at the end of the 2 year training you can take a matura exam, and you get a certificate of matura
After matura exam
from class 13 to class 14
you could choose several trainings:
financial and accountancy assistant
logistics and forwarding agent

our school is tuition free

and we have lots of free and interesting programs
we have participated in international programs for 25 years
Our 4 latest international programs:
Economic Vocational Training Center Of Budapest
What do we educate?
Where is our school?
if you have a basic profession, you could start the training in the class 14.
at the end of training you could take an exam, and you get a profession, which is a level 5 profession in the European Qualification Frameworks
preparing for Christmas
freshman initiation
Competitions between classes
Let's experience Retro! with Comenius
Working Culture 2.0 with Erasmus+ KA2
Marketing in practice with Határtalanul!
Summer internship in Italy with Erasmus+ KA1
Visiting to companies
Going to the Theater
visiting to factories
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