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Tom Cruise

No description

natasha davis

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Tom Cruise

Mother - Mary Lee Pfeiffer

Father - Thomas Mapother III
How It Happened
Lee Anne Mapother
Marian Mapother
Cass Mapother
Early Career
Struggling through auditions in New York, Cruise finally landed a spot in Endless Love (1981).
Born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
July 3, 1962
Syracuse, New York
Mary Lee Pfeiffer was an amateur actress and special education teacher.
Thomas Cruise Mapother III
Was an electrical engineer for General Electric.
Mary Lee Pfeiffer
Tom Cruise
Later remarried to Jack South in 1978.
Described as a "merchant of chaos" by his son due to his abusive tendancies.
Died of cancer in 1984.
Sisters -
Growing up, Tom suffered from dyslexia but excelled in athletics. He considered professional wresting until he suffered a knee injury. Later, he joined a Franciscan seminary in search of becoming a priest, which only lasted for a single year. Soon, a teacher suggested he take part in his school's production
Guys And Doll
s where he discovered he felt at home on stage. Thus, his career was born.
Also getting a role in Taps (1981) where he worked alongside Sean Penn. This role caught the eyes of many critics and producers.
Tom Cruise's next big role was in Risky Business (1983) where he began his life as a recognizable star, thanks to a memorable scene...
Top Gun
Tom Cruise locks his A-List status in with the release of Top Gun (1986) where he stars as Pete Mitchell, a navy pilot sent to Miramar Naval Air Station for advanced training.
Married Life
Shortly after his success in Top Gun, Cruise marries Mimi Rogers through which he picks up Scientology. Although Cruise's spirituality grew, his marriage dissolved by 1990.
Scientology is a religion founded by writer L. Ron Hubbard.
Cruise credits the church for the cure of his dyslexia.
The church teaches that people have forgotten their true nature as immortal beings.
Later that year, Cruise marries Nicole Kidman after performing together in
Days Of Thunder
(1990). Their marriage lasted through 11 years of difficulties, including a miscarriage. Cruise and Kidman adopted two children, Isabella Jane (born December 1992) and Connor Antony (born January 1995).
A few years later, Cruise proposes to Katie Holmes followed by their first child, Suri, in 2006. The two are married later that year. In 2012, the couple announced their separation.
and Mimi Rogers
Nicole Kidman
and Cruise
Katie Holmes

and Cruise
Suri Cruise
Eventually, Cruise admits that Holmes left him to protect Suri from Scientology.
The name Suri, in Persian, means Red Rose.
In Hebrew, Suri means Princess.
Suri is constantly attending gymnastics classes where on-lookers have high hopes of a future Olympian.
Isabella Jane Cruise
Isabella lived with Cruise in his Beverly Hills Mansion until deciding to move in with her boyfriend Eddie Frencher.
Both Isabella and Eddie are proud Scientology studiers.
The couple are said to live in Downtown Los Angeles' notorious Skid row district.
Isabella is currently a budding artist in photography often seen attending showings with Tyler Shields, a popular celebrity photographer.
Connor Antony Cruise
Connor has performed in two movies, Red Dawn and Seven Pounds.
In the Will Smith movie, Seven Pounds, Connor's role was a younger version of Smith's character, Ben Thomas.
Connor also DJ's at various events, such as Coachella, AMA's, and Teen Nick HALO Awards, under the name DJ C-Squared.
Cruise's Filmography
2013 Oblivion
2012 Jack Reacher
2012 Rock of Ages
2011 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
2010 Knight and Day
2008 Valkyrie
2008 Tropic Thunder
2007 Lions for Lambs
2006 Mission: Impossible III
2005 War of the Worlds
2004 Collateral
2003 The Last Samurai
2002 Minority Report
2001 Vanilla Sky
2000 Mission: Impossible II
1999 Magnolia
1999 Eyes Wide Shut
1996 Jerry Maguire
1996 Mission: Impossible
1994 Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
1993 The Firm
1992 A Few Good Men
1992 Far and Away
1990 Days of Thunder
1989 Born on the Fourth of July
1988 Rain Man
1988 Cocktail
1986 The Color of Money
1986 Top Gun
1985 Legend
1983 All the Right Moves
1983 Risky Business
1983 Losin' It
1983 The Outsiders
1981 Taps
1981 Endless Love
Upcoming Roles
Tom Cruise has a role in the upcoming movies:
2014 Edge Of Tomorrow
2015 Mission Impossible 5
Also, he is set to hold roles in the announced movies:
Van Helsing
Top Gun 2
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Tom Cruise, Producer
2013 Jack Reacher
2011 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
2006 Mission: Impossible III
2006 Ask the Dust
2005 Elizabethtown
2004 Suspect Zero (uncredited)
2003 The Last Samurai
2003 Shattered Glass (executive producer)
2002 Hitting It Hard (Video documentary short)
2002 Narc (executive producer)
2001 Vanilla Sky
2001 The Others (executive producer)
2000 Mission: Impossible II
1998 Without Limits
1996 Mission: Impossible
Tom Cruise will also be producer for his upcoming movies Mission Impossible 5, Van Helsing and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.
Ready For Some Interesting Facts About Tom Cruise?
The people of Japan love cruise so much that October 10, 2006 was declared "Tom Cruise Day" in Japan because he has made more trips to Japan than any other Hollywood star.
Tom Cruise Really Is A Hero!
In 1996 after witnessing a hit and run accident, Tom took the victim – aspiring Brazilian actress Heloisa Vinhas – to the hospital, and upon discovering she didn't have health insurance, paid her medical bills himself! This was the same year he saved two children from getting trampled at his own premiere! It doesn't end there! While sailing near Capri, Cruise saved people from a burning sailboat... like a boss!
Like fellow Scientologist John Travolta, Cruise also owns a pilot's license; he was given flying lessons as a gift from director Sydney Pollack. A huge fan of aviation history, he owns a World War II-era P-51 Mustang and is a fully qualified commercial pilot.
Tom Cruise is No. 3 in the Church of Scientology only to be under L. Ron Hubbard, leader, and No. 2 David Miscavige. Guess what, Miscavige was also Cruise's best man in his wedding with Katie Holmes!
Tom Cruise has a net worth of $250 million! That's more than actors Brad Pitt, Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith!
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