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Job and Internship Searching (Staff Training)

No description

Andrew Crain

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Job and Internship Searching (Staff Training)

Job and Internship Searching
(December 2014 Staff Training)
Andrew Crain - UGA Career Center
Where do I go from here?
The market is tough...
...but there are still jobs that go unfilled? Why?
Key Traits Sought by Employers:
Verbal Communication Skills
Strong Work Ethic
Teamwork Skills
Analytical Skills
...sound familiar?
It's Important To...
Get Organized

Sharpen your Skills

Have Realistic Expectations

Develop a Plan
...let's get started!
Job Search Timeline
You should plan at least 6 months for an effective search!
Getting Started:
"Know Thyself"
Using These Transferable Skills:
1. Where?
(Geographical Preferences)
2. Special Knowledges
3. People-Environments
4. Goals, Purposes, Values
5. Working
6. Salary Level & Responsibility
(Industry-Specific or Non-transferable Skills)
The "Flower" Exercise
What Color is Your Parachute? - Richard Bolles
"When you are face-to-face with a person-who-has-the-power-to-hire-you, you want to be able to explain what makes you different from nineteen other people who can basically do the same thing that you can. It is often the adjective or adverb that will save your life, during that explanation."
Written Vision/Brand Statements
Having a clearly defined goal is crucial to a FOCUSED job search!
Reality Check:
Are there gaps in my experience?
What aspects of my job search goal do not align with the experiences on my resume?
How could/would this situation improve by the time I graduate?
Prepare for the Search
Create Targeted Application Materials
Cover Letters
Be clear and CONCISE: 1 page

Demonstrate FIT: Connect with needs of the employer

Show RELEVANT skills and experience (do not reiterate your resume)

PROOFREAD: Formatting, Grammar, Spelling
Assess Your Social Media Presence
Google Yourself!
Check out top results, images

Explore SEO to improve results
How Employers Use Social Media:
Over 90% of employers report using social media to screen candidates

Consider content and communication style, not just images
Create a Positive Presence:
Update profiles to reflect your clearly defined brand and goal

Consider ways to leverage your social media network
Emphasize key words & skills

Catch the eye of the recruiter (or HR/ATS)

Don't tell....SHOW!

1 page: Use neutral paper, professional format
Job Search Resources
Online Resources

Niche sites (ex: AMA)

Other Resources
Networking/Professional Events


Social Media

Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com, etc.
Networking Tips
Have a Clear Goal

Be Sincere, Offer Value

Follow-up, Establish Relationships
*Utilize other tools such as LinkedIn, business cards, e-mail, etc.
*Be prepared to communicate value & goals
* Talk to EVERYone about your career goals!
* 12 Contacts > 1500 Resumes

Put It All Together
Set Goals & Deadlines

Keep Records (Use Outlook)

Note what works, and what doesn't!
Keep in mind...
Knowing what you DON'T want is also important!
The Interview
Purpose of the Interview
Get to know the candidate

Probe for detailed information

Sell the job (and company)

To determine "fit," focus, and enthusiasm

Screen for personal/technical qualifications
Interviewers Assess...
Knowledge of the Company

Relevant Experience

Communication Skills

Focus & Enthusiasm
To Prepare...
Know What You Want

Do Your Research


Dress & Ettiquette
Competition and the industry, Salary information, Products and services
Key players/stakeholders, Training programs, Organizational structures
Locations (Relocation?), Growth and problems, Who may be interviewing you and why?
Sample Resources:
Salary.com, Glassdoor.com, Factiva, Hoover's, Google News
Follow-Up ASAP

Be Professional At All Times

Be Aware of Support Staff
Ettiquette Tips
Andrew Crain, Terry College Career Consultant
acrain@uga.edu, 706.542.3375
Set deadlines for...
Completing a Goal Statement
Preliminary Research
Informational Interviews
Developing a Target Employer List

Creating a Working Resume Draft
Writing Cover Letters

Submitting Applications
Following Up on Applications

Re-Assessing Your Job Search!
1-2 months
3 months
3-5 months
*Customize your resume for each position!
Completing a Goal Statement
Preliminary Research
Informational Interviews
Developing a Target Employer List

Creating a Working Resume Draft
Writing Cover Letters

Submitting Applications
Following Up on Applications

Re-Assessing Your Job Search!
Set deadlines for...
Example Brand Statement:
"My name is Jacob Gregory and I am a senior marketing major at The University of Georgia. I have experience in marketing research, sales, and customer service, and I consider my communication and project management skills to be some of my greatest strengths. I am technically-oriented and would like a sales/marketing representative position in the IT or healthcare industry. Atlanta is the primary focus of my job search, but I am also open to other areas of the Southeast such as Charlotte, Jacksonville, Greenville, and Nashville."
My deal-breakers are:
Must make at least $38,000. Must not be required to work beyond 45-50 hours a week. Must have job security and opportunities for growth.
Career Fair Prep
Upcoming Career Fair:
Wednesday, January 25
12:00 - 5:00 pm
Athens Classic Center
Research Goals:
Know what positions are available
Learn about company (products, services, career paths, structure, etc.)
Understand qualifications of the job
Understand hiring/training process
Develop intelligent questions/conversation starters
Research Resources:
Company Website
Trade Journals/News Articles
Other Events:
Resume Critique Days
Jan. 17-19, Jan 24
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Tate Grand Hall (5th Floor)
Career Fair Prep Workshop
Jan. 18
12:20 - 1:00 pm
Tate Grand Hall (5th Floor)
Interviewers Assess...
Professional Behavior
Communication Skills
Problem Solving
*From: "Fast Track Your Job Search (and Career)" - Richard C. Kirby
"Interviews are often lost to mosquitoes rather than to dragons, and lost within the first two minutes."
"What Color is Your Parachute?" - Richard N. Bolles
Vault Career Insider's
"Guide to Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews":
For Additional Help:
During the Interview, Do Not...
Blame poor performance on past bosses, co-workers, companies, etc.
Discuss personal facts that have no relevance to your qualifications.
Appear overly eager to discuss salary, benefits, vacation time, etc.
Show poor body language: posture, eye contact, gestures, SMILE!
Display nervous ticks
(i.e. playing with change in your pocket)
Distort your responses by slurring, mumbling, or speaking too quickly.
Have answers that are too long (or too short):
50/50 rule
Fail to adequately answer the question you're asked.
After the Interview...
Thank-You Notes ASAP
Follow-Up Dates
- Email vs. Hand-Written?
Examples in Vault Career Insider's "Guide to Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews":
Phone Interviews
Smile and speak with confidence
Tone & posture
Have notes nearby
Dress to impress?
Job Search Strategies
( State a Fact, Ask a Question )
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