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24th Amendment

No description

Siara Camacho

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of 24th Amendment

24th Amendment
Who was involved in the issue addressed by the proposal? Who helped pass the Amendment?
African Americans, poor black/white folks
Southern states
House vote: 295 to 86
What was it's purpose? What was the issue that prompted the proposal?
Prohibited any poll tax in elections for federal officials
Southern states adopted poll tax in 1800's
15th Amendment gave former slaves the right to vote
Poor black/white folks couldn't afford to vote
When did it happen?
Date proposed: August 27, 1962
Date passed: January 23,1964
Lyndon B. Johnson
How was it passed?
Dramatic rise in black participation
Democratic government
Forever altering shape of politics
How was it structured?
How did the passage of the amendment change American culture?
Did it solve the problem it was created to address?
"There can be no one too poor to vote." - President, Lyndon B. Johnson
Are there any famous people involved in the amendment's cause, creation, or legal results?
Lyndon B. Johnson
Martin Luther King Jr.
President Lyndon B. Johnson worked with Martin Luther King Jr. to stop the blockades set up at voting polls.
Are there any major court cases concerning the amendment?
Harman v. Forssenius
Court struck down Virginia statute - eliminated the poll tax as absolute qualification for voting in federal elections
Gave federal voters the choice of either paying the tax or filing a certificate of residence six months before the election
Would you have kept the amendment exactly the same, altered it, or modified it in any way?
Of course not
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