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Creating & Developing Links

No description

Nick Jackson

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Creating & Developing Links

Creating and Developing Links The Fulford ICT Department perspective Examples of links made Freelance graphic designer
Best Western
Xing Smoothies
How to make links Local agencies (NYBEP)
Work experience providers
Parents of students
Stealing other peoples contacts!! Freelance graphic designer - Year 8 ICT Round Robin, Year 10 IMedia
Animator - Year 8 ICT Round Robin, Year 11 IMedia
CCP - Year 8 ICT Round Robin
Best Western - Year 12 AS ICT
Xing Smoothies - Year 8 ICT Project
YorOK - Year 10 IMedia
dodigital.co.uk - Year 10 IMedia Using links Tips and advice Network, network network
Use the LEA (before it disappears)
Re-use links
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