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Nikki Adams

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of ASK.FM

What Are The Negative Effects?
- Ask.fm is used as a bullying site.

- People can ask you anonymous questions which could be extremely rude or disrespecting.

Growth Of Ask.fm
- Ask.fm was created in June 2010 by Oskars Liepins, Mark Terebin, Valerji Vesnakov and Klavs Sinka.

- Ask.fm had 5 million registered users in April 2012. By July 2012, there were 10 million registered users.

- By April 2013, there were 50 million registered users.

- By August 2013, there were 70 million registered users who posted 30 million questions per day.

- By 2013, in general, there were over 80 million recorded registered users.
- Ask.fm is used as a bullying tool.

- Ask.fm is used to ask and answer questions, with the option of anonymously.

- Ask.fm is used to ask any kind of question. However, you have the option to delete or answer it.
How Is Ask.fm Used In Our Society?
How Will Ask.fm Be Used In The Future?
Ask.fm will probably be used the same way it is now, which is to ask disrespectful questions anonymously.

We see Ask.fm being shut down in the future because of all the bullying and inappropriate content that is being said, not to mention Ask.fm has been linked to nine teen suicides.
What Are The Positive Effects?
- There are not many positive effects.

- Ask.fm is used as a profile so that people can get to know you and ask you questions such as "What's your favourite colour?"

- It is used to communicate and get to know someone, even though not many people use it for that.

What Human Rights Are Violated
- No Torture: Ask.fm violates the right to no torture because since the questions are anonymous, people can continue to cyber-bully you without getting in trouble.

- Safe Place to Live: The things people say on Ask.fm can make you feel endangered and scared due to the anonymous threats made.

- No Discrimination: People discriminate against others on Ask.fm by making fun of their gender, race, sexuality, appearance, and religion.

- Right to Life: Due to the threats and all the cyber-bullying that happens on Ask.fm, people have committed suicide.

By Nicole and Rebecca
You Can Access It From Anywhere
Some "Questions" You Can Get Asked

Edwards, Jim. "Users On This Web Site Have Successfully Driven Nine Teenagers To Kill Themselves." 16 Sept. 2013: n. pag. Print.



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