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Maintaining a Robust PLN when you do not even have time for

No description

Greg Limperis

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Maintaining a Robust PLN when you do not even have time for

Maintaining A Robust PLN When You Do Not Even Have Time For Breakfast
Why PLN?
I am busy.
How does it align?
Who are these people?
What do I get from it?
So How Do I Do It When I Do Not Even Have Time For Breakfast?
You Have to be Mobile
Cell Phones & Tablets
Strong WiFi Network and or Cell Signal
Unlimited Data Plans
The Best Thing You Might Ever Do!
We all are busy
They understand and it does align to CCSS
Educators and professionals just like you
Usually more than you put in
How has it impacted me.
Personal and professional growth
Learning curve
Content and resource sharing
Knowledge base
Job Skills
Resource of Professionals
30000 people world wide
Mashables- 65% of time Spent on Social Networks is Mobile

Ramsey Musallam: 3 rules to spark learning
What is a PLN
Professional Learning Networks
Sponsored by
Network of Help
No Business Card
Get a Good Case
Be what you want your students to be
Be curious
Ask lots of questions
Be helpful
Don't be shy
Realize learning happens everywhere
Get mobile and get connected
Make it a ritual
Rules I Live by
Remember, technology is only a tool to help us evoke the real power of learning, our questions
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