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Cyrano de Bergerac

No description

Steven Chaussee

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyrano de Bergerac

Montefleury is an actor
in the play La Clorise. Act One The Hotel de Bourgogne Ligniere's writing makes
De Guiche really mad Cyrano makes a ballad while
fighting one of the hundred men
sent by De Guiche. They insult Cyrano's nose
and his "figure". Does Roxane really love
Christian just for his looks
or for something else? Cyrano thinks Montefleury
is a poor actor. Cyrane sees his nose as
a barrier to his love for
Roxane. He is selfconcious and
thinks that she wont see is inner beauty Duena arranges a meeting for
Cyrano and Cyrano must face is other attacker Cyrano's meeting is not what
he thinks. the play is banned
for its insults to
the Cardinal. Cyrano de Bergerac Act Two Poets pay with
their work Ragueneau
uses the
poems as warappign paper. Cyrano injures his
hand in battle and
Roxane repairs it Cyrano uses pastries
to get the Duenna to
leave the shop. Cyrano and Roxane are
cousins by marridge. Roxane sees how
Cyrano feels about
her. Cyrano promises to
protect Christian Cyrano and Christian
make a bargian so that
Christian can win
Roxane's love Don't make De Guich mad. Cyrano Writes a letter
that he gives to
Christian as a love letter
to roxane. Act Three Ragueneau's wife left
him because he is a bad
buiseness-man Christian is Roxanes
"new" favorite intellectual. De Guiche is now
in charge of Cyrano's
regiment Roxane's "revenge"
involves keeping her
friends out of battle. All Christian can say is
I love you. Cyrano wins over
Roxane with his poetry Roxane gives a kiss to
who she thinks is Christian Crano persuade a Capuchin
to marry Roxane and Christian. Cyrano tells about his travels
to the moon to distract a Capuchin Cyrano's regiment
is deployed to the
siege. Cyrano must
keep his promise to
protect Christian Cyrano would rather
die fighting a worhty opponet
then die of hunger. The Cadets hate
De Guiche because
he is a coward and a poser Cyrano insults
De Guiche by
retriving the scarf he
left behind. De Guiche uses
a spanish spy to
get the spanish to attack Roxane shows up at the
camp and brings
food for the
soldiers Ragueneau hides the
supplies in his cart
along with himself Roxane loved Christian first
for his looks. Christian
thinks that Roxane only
loves hih for Cyramo's letters.
Cyrano must now avenge the
death of Christian and
the death of his love
for Roxane Cyrono's love
is no like an
allergy. he wants to
love Roxane but he cannot
because of Christians death Roxane no live with
nuns in a church Cyrano is friends
with the nuns and
constantly makes fun of
their religion Cyrano makes
regular visits to
the church to see Roxane. Act Four Roxane keeps
"Christian's" last
letter in a necklace. Cyrano spends
his time attacking
false priests and
false artists. De Guiche is
jealous of Cyran's
freedom to do
what he wants. Cyrane is killed
by a falling
log while he is
working on a building. Cyrano
compars his death
with a falling leaf The dark lighting
reminds Roxane of
the night he spoke to
her on the balcony. Roxane says she
lost the only man she has
ever loved twice Act Five
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