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Dokdo island :where exists both tragedy & beauty

Dokdo island belongs to Korea. Dokdo has a beautiful scenery and lots of underground resources. But It has a sad story. You can see that territorial dispute between real owner Korea and looter Japan. Please know the truth of this long dispute.


on 17 August 2011

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Transcript of Dokdo island :where exists both tragedy & beauty

In the world,
there are a great deal of islands......... And people live in there. This is a story about S.Korea Japan East Sea The territorial dispute on the Between two nation. Here's Dokdo. [ Dokdo
in KOREA ] where has a beautiful scenery and natural manuments. Its the biggest merit is that having abundant underground resources. However, someone is having an eye on this beautiful island...... That is JAPAN. thinks They think Dokdo belongs to them. They believe they are in a superior position in everything to Korea. They pretend to know about Dokdo more than Korea. They claim Dokdo's dominium is becasue of paperwork problem. Japan has a stereotype that one colonial rule lasts forever as strong as take one's territory. They call its name weirdly. They thinks it's okay to invade other's island & sea. They enjoy to distort the histoy. This is because of Dokdo's rich marin resources. Therefore, Japanese gov. aims Dokdo. However Japanese people don't have any interests in Dokdo. And now, they make little children believe the lie. They insist with no historical reasons. Japan gov. consider only their benefits. Students don't know about it. but Japanese colonial era They might believe it was great project. has lots of historical records. There is Marin deep water more valuable than petroleum. Moreover, It has huge natural gas and geological relics worldwide. However, Do you know
Dokdo? I have known that Dokdo is Korea's island. I know it But I ain't interested I'm always interested in Dokdo and its history. A survey in Korea. 2118 Korea students/total 5567 38.05% 2883 Korea students. 51.79% 566 students 10.17% on the other hand,
Japan...... Do you know Dokdo? Yes, I know. only 9.3% high school students It is none of my business.
maybe fishermen have interests. most of Japanese people But one country might be stolen by other unfairly. A SMALL ISLAND of A SMALL COUNTRY By. KISAK Korean Introduces Superb culture About Korea. Sejong-sillok-jiriji(1454) It supports that you can see Dokdo to the naked eye in the Korea only. From Shilla dynasty 512year(Korea), Dokdo has belong to Korea. Japan's old map "ChongHoiDo" also stated clearly that Dokdo is Korea's island. In 1948 UN approved dominium of Dokdo to Korea. From Shilla dynasty, Dokdo's actual ruler is Korea. Jongduk Choi YongBok Ahn Dokdo Voluntary garrison Lee Sabu *People who defended Dokdo. In Shilla dynasty who conquered Dokdo. Private diplomat in Joseon dynasty. Since 1954 to 1956(after now, Police garison guard Dokdo. The 1st Dokdo resident person.
He has made amenities by himself for generations. Change the mood, It's a funny sotry. In closing, I'd like to say one thing.
Japan Gov. makes Dokdo international issue and distorts history. And We, KISAK hope you to believe Koreans' real talk. is in Korean's heart. <- About Dokdo's history Listen Dokdo song! Dokdo concert
with singer Janghun Kim
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