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Your Science Composition Book

No description

Justine Ingram

on 13 August 2012

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Transcript of Your Science Composition Book

{ Is Used For Organization Notes Pictures Homework Labs } } } } } Step 1: Give your book a Title Page Make sure to include your name Step 2: Set up your Table of Contents Step 3: Number all of your pages Step 4: Glue in important reference pages Step 1: Output and Input Sides Step 2: Use Cornell Notes Step 1: Detailed and Correct Step 2: Color Color Color Step 3: References for yourself!! Step 1: Title and Date page Step 2: Put Due date on Page Step 3: DO YOUR HOMEWORK Step 4: Receive stamp on Due date for Credit Step 1: Set up using reference sheet Step 2: Collect information on Left hand side
This includes data and observations Step 3: Finsh lab report or rough draft in book } Front Page: Title Page Page 1-2: Table of Contents Page 3-6: Purple Reference papers Page 7-8: How to write a lab report } Page 5-6: Interactive Science Notebook Sheet Page 3-4: Cornell Notes set up MY Science Composition Book
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