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Their Eyes Were Watching God

Kristen Adaway, Ifeoma Egbulem, and Jordin Gray

Ifeoma Egbulem

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Their Eyes Were Watching God

Their Eyes Were Watching God By Kristen A., Ifeoma E., Jordin G. Character Descriptions Summary: Janie Starks, the protagonist, tells her story of her life and her 'loves' from the past years. On her her journey to find freedom she faces many trails and tribulations. At the end of the book she finally finds what true love was and she gained the freedom. Character Descriptions Janie Crawford - The protagonist of the novel; Janie is a strong willed, black female. Her fantasies of finding the perfect relationship are what causes her struggles throughout the novel Biblical Allusions Nanny- Nanny, an experiences slave, is Janie's grandmother. Before she dies, she wants Janie to be financially secured with a husband. Her demanding behavior clashes with Janie's stubborn independence. "They sat in Judgement" (Porch)
Flood (Hurricane)
Wilderness (Everglades)
foot washing
Gabriel West Florida This is where Janie was from from. Tea Cake- Janie's third husband; Although he is twelve years younger than Janie, he becomes Janie's first real love. Even though in the beginning, he seems perfect for Janie, he steals from her and beats her once. Where Janie and Joe went to run a small town. Eatonville Character Descriptions (continued) Other Important Literary Elements... Logan Killicks- Janie's first husband. He is an older man who can offer her protection and a 60-acre potato farm. Joe Starks- Mayor of Eatonville; He is a self-centered, power hungry man. The Everglades Pheoby Watson- Janie's best friend; She is married to Sam Watson. She is the one whom Janie is telling her story to. Mrs. Turner- She and Mr. Turner live in the Everglades. She owns a small restaurant. Much like Janie, she has Caucasian features in which she takes pride in. Since Janie has these features as well, she wonders why she is with someone as dark as Tea Cake. Symbols Mule (Janie)
Porch (Judgement)
Horizon (Hope)
Pear Tree (emerging womanhood)
Hurricane (Destruction) Dialect Southern Dialect "Ah wrapped mah baby de best Ah knowed how and made it to de swamp by de river."
-Nanny "Tuh think Ah been wid Jody twenty yeahs and Ah just now got tuh bear de name uh poisonin' him!"
-Janie Themes Journey: in the literal meaning and also a journey to self discovery
Individuality: learns who she really is
Autonomy: governs herself
The nature of Love: What is love? What makes love in a marriage? West Palm Beach This is where Janie and Tea Cake Swim to during the hurricane. This is also where Tea Cake was buried. "Lawd, you know mah heart, Ah done de best ah could do. De rest is left for you." - Nanny "We'll walk in de light, de beautiful light
Come where the dew drops of mercy shine bright
Shine all around us by day and by night." - Mr.Bogle This is where Janie And Tea Cake went to live. They went here to get away from the town, the people, and their judgement. "Season don't open up till last September, but we had tuh git heah ahead uh time tuh git us uh room," -TeaCake "We find the death of Vergible Woods to be entirely accidental and justifiable and that no blame should rest upon the defendant Janie Woods." -The Jury Themes con't Women's role in society
Black women's struggle for independence
Racism within culture
Power of higher being
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