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Team Cousin's Minion Madness

No description

Stephen Quiles

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Team Cousin's Minion Madness

The Map editor gives the creative reigns to the player. Personalized maps will let players create with their own idea of fun in mind. It will also open the game for tournament play by letting professional level designers create maps with better balance than our random generator. Controls Voice Control
In Tom Clancy’s Endwar, “An innovative voice control and camera system has been devised to work around the pesky fact that controllers don't have nearly as many buttons as a mouse and keyboard.” This game was designed by Ubisoft to be an RTS for the console market. The game allows you to use voice commands and controller input, any degree of both to develop your control style while playing. This is something we will want to really focus on in our RTS as we will be faced with the same issues developing for a console. (Brudvig, 2008)

Control Scheme
A keyboard has around 104 keys, a modern game controller has about 23. Using combination math we can increase the possibility of a controller to 253 possible actions. Using the same math a keyboard has 5356 actions. We can already see a large discrepancy in the capability of a console controller and a PC keyboard. Using principles of heuristics and usability we can design a controller scheme that is both intuitive and easy to learn. We will base our control scheme off of the popular and successful RTS game for Xbox 360, Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth II. LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth II was praised highly for its control scheme, “Essentially, EA has innovated an RTS control scheme that works better than anyone has done on the consoles.”(Perry, 2006)

Controls - Controls will be mapped in a way that utilizes RTS mechanics on a Xbox 360 controller, similar to the successful scheme of LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth II Xbox 360 control scheme. Kinect voice controlled hotkeys will be used to make the game more efficient for the Xbox 360 so that we give players plenty of shortcuts without making it difficult. Audio Death - Minion is erased from the system, teleport noise (wheeeum)
Vehicle Sounds - Plane engine, Car engine, Chariots, Horses
Unit Responses - Selection response, Order confirmation
Weapons - Lasers, Gun shots, Hammers, Fire. Cannons, Swords
Spell / Ability - Static Electricity, Lightning, Cyclops eye laser thing. Visuals Effects
Particle effects - Lots of different ones.
Death effects - Minions disappear or poof.
Weapon effects - Lasers, Explosions, Smoke trails for missiles.
Vehicle effects - Dust while driving or when transport units are landing.

Animations - Combine realistic with goofy animations. Are the minions at war or are they just playing war? Use cel-shading to give a sense of cartoony art but keep the potential for good details

Style - Cartoon or 3D with cel-shading
Settings - Hi - Medium - Low Res

We are going for a 3-D game with a cel shaded look much akin to the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker since the style can appeal to both children and adults. The wind waker caught some flak for style deviation but later was accepted for being a separate story from previous titles and established its one of a kind look. Minion Madness Single Player



Map Editor Credits - Who and What do we credit the quality to? Usability Heuristics Theory of Fun References Joshua Soltren:
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Epic, G. (2012). Udn - three - content home. Retrieved from http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/ContentHome.html Marketing Minion Madness Audience: Advertising: Main advertising efforts will take place online in the form of a “Minion Madness” website, Featured ad on YouTube, Facebook group page, twitter feed, and gameplay videos. Select advertising in the form of ads and commercials will be ran during the weeks prior and after launch date. We will target ad friendly sites and forums for children in our target demographic. The commercials will target any shows that are based around “Despicable Me” as well as any online videos that are based on age group 9 to 12, that also support ads. Design Features: Usability for Target Audience: The controls are also set up so that our players will be able to grasp the basic mechanics of moving and ordering their minions easily. Through the use of the Xbox controller and voice commands using the Kinect controller, the player can jump right into the game and begin moving their army across the map. Environment Decisions Since our game is marketed toward a young age group, it will be necessary to help give them direction. We will use mountains, valleys, rivers, cliffs, buildings and paths to guide players toward objectives. Player start points will be well balanced, with no base being more advantageous than another from the start. Our game will make use of these level design concepts to create maps that encourage players to explore and give them direction to the action when necessary. Unreal Development Kit UDK is a Powerful engine with diverse capabilities.

UDK has ready to “port” mods for RTS style game development, this would speed up development.
UDK has extensive documentation on successful RTS projects.

Unreal Kismet, “Visual scripting system gives artists and level designers virtually limitless control over how a level will play without touching a single line of code.” This is a huge advantage and can really streamline development as the designers and artist do not have to have any real coding knowledge. The four fun keys give us insight into 4 key ways that players experience fun while playing games. (XEO Design, 2004). Serious Fun - Rhythm, Repetition, Collection, Focus, Relaxation, and Excitement

Hard Fun - Goals, Obstacles, Strategy, Frustration and Relief

People Fun - Communicate, Cooperate, Compete, Amusement and Admiration

Easy Fun - Exploration, Fantasy, Creativity, Surprise and Awe Levels City street - Those evil hairy creates are staring at you just waiting for you to leave your base. You had better be careful.

Suburbs - Kids at play

Laboratory - Watch out for dangerous chemicals, people walking and the enemy tank right behind you.

NASA launch site - You need to make it to the spaceship before your enemies do.

The Moon - You finally made it... but so did all of your enemies, you had better stop them before they destroy your prize.

Inside of a spaceship - Do battle with your enemies but don’t accidently press any buttons while you do!
The Beach - What isn’t good about a day at the beach? War isn’t good, minions have to struggle to gain control of the beach by fighting enemies, giant crabs and gross piles of kelp that washed up. Laboratory - Chemical spills, and moving machinery seem to compete with your enemies to do you harm.

City street - People are shopping, cars are driving by, and an army of angry pigeons circles above.

Suburbs - Kids are playing, cars are driving by, and people's pesky pets are ready to chase you as you leave your base!

NASA launch site - You need to make it to the spaceship before your enemies do. You would also be advised to not get caught under the rocket when it takes off.

Inside of a spaceship - Do battle with your enemies but don’t accidentally press any buttons while you do!

The Moon - You finally made it... but so did all of your enemies, you had better stop them before they destroy your prize.

The Beach - What isn’t good about a day at the beach? War isn’t good... minions have to struggle to gain control of the beach fighting enemies, giant crabs and gross piles of kelp. Environmental Hazards Every map in Minion Madness will possess hazards for all players.
So whether you are battling it out in the suburbs or on the surface of the moon, the minion armies will have a number of hazards to avoid while working to achieve victory. Lava! Special Resources Resource caches reward players with power ups that can make their units more powerful or their bases more productive. Resources spawn every 5 minutes, a message will pop up alerting players when a resource cache spawns. Resources can only be collected, retrieved and returned to a base by a scout. Resource algorithms spawn resources at midpoints between each team’s scouts for balanced gameplay. Types of Resources Resource caches will randomly spawn a certain type of power up that will grant the player's forces with a special power. Soda makes units move faster, the Magic Watch speeds up ally production or slows enemy production and the metal detector slightly increases unit production for a limited time. All power ups last 3 minutes. Minion Factions Why Heuristics? We want the software to be simple to learn so players can begin mastering it right away. Heuristics evaluations will allow us to prepare for possible problems during the design phase of the game. Space Minions Why User Studies? User studies can highlight issues not found by heuristics (Desurvire, Caplan & Toth, 2004)

Challenge - What are the challenges of the game and what makes them challenges? Are they difficult or are they gimmicky?

Boredom - What causes boredom? Is it the waiting? Is it the feeling of lack on control or possibility? Is the game too one directional?

Pace of levels - How can we make games an appropriate speed for younger and older players to be able to enjoy and not get overwhelmed or bored? Marvelous Minions Medieval Minions Mythical Minions Types of Minion Units

Evil scientists use simulators to fight each other’s minions and capture objectives as practice for the pentennial Evil Genius Competition.

We selected standard and simple game modes ( 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, FFA, Ranked, Unranked, and Custom. Our goal is to let users with different playstyles enjoy the game. Our ranked match maker will match players of similar skill to compete for the Evilist Genious award. Unranked match making will match players based on their chosen preferences with the intention of being a practice mode. Custom will allow players to showcase their maps or play privately with friends. Tiers Tiers are comprised of four levels
With each succeeding level being more powerful but requiring more resources to create Tier 4 Tier 3 Tier 1 Tier 1 Light infantry/scouts Tier 2 Heavy infantry/vehicles Tier 3 Advanced heavy infantry/Vehicles Tier 4 Mission Objective item Mission Objective The main objective of the game is to capture the spaceship. This can only be done with transport technology built at the tier 4 stage. Once a player has their transport built, they need to keep it in the spaceship zone for 60 uncontested seconds. Transports have very high hitpoints but are slow, so it is important to have units protect them. Faction Bases Each player is given a single base that produces units. Over time, players automatically gain resources that allow them to build more units and upgrade their base. Players must decide how they will spend their resources, depending on their play style. Upgrading Bases The game is designed to appeal to the age group by using the minion’s humor and energetic personas. The typical resource gathering of past RTS games is not an issue for ours. Resources are generated and gathered automatically upon starting the map. This way the player is able to focus on controlling their own minion army and not micromanaging workers. The player is engaged with the fast paced squad combat of an RTS paired with the crazy humor of the minions and not the slow drudgery of managing units, workers, resources, or following building “trees”. Our target demographic is 9 to 12 year old both male and female in the United States, Europe, and Asia. We plan to market directly to those who would have watched the movie. Players have the ability to upgrade their base as the game progresses. Once a base is upgraded, it becomes stronger and can produce new types of units and vehicles. Bases can be upgraded through four tiers, at which point they can build the most powerful units and a unit that will allow them to capture and transport the spaceship. Loading....

Resources are automatically accrued over time, allowing players to focus primarily on their plan of attack. Special Resources and Power ups spawn on the map every five minutes for players to collect. These special caches drive the conflict in Minion Madness, because the player who controls them can generate resources faster or make their units more powerful. One key to making our game successful will be to strike a balance between “must make” and “can make” decisions. Collecting Resources Players can also win by being the last army standing. This requires all other team's bases and units to be destroyed, at which point the tier 4 transport is automatically built and will transport the ship to the player's base. Once every 5 years, evil scientists gather at a secret location throughout the world for a meeting of evil minds. A competition is introduced at each meeting to see who is the greatest evil genius. This years competition is to build a spaceship by finding special hidden parts scattered around the world, which will be used to fly their army of minions to the moon and be rewarded with an evil scientist’s dream; full access to a top-secret evil moonbase. In order to get their minions to the moon, the scientists must outsmart each other to capture each piece of the spaceship.

In the campaign, each level contains a piece of the spaceship that can only be extracted by building technology that can transport it. Scientists must attempt to slow progress and steal information of other scientists by using their minions, in order to capture the spaceship part first.Each campaign level will feature a new spaceship part, different enemies and new terrain. An introductory cutscene will be displayed at the beginning of each level to layout the mission and a closing cutscene will follow the completion of the objective. Campaign Story Minion Madness is a real time strategy game for the Xbox 360 based off of the popular movie Despicable Me. Players control an army of minions to fight other minion armies in an attempt to capture evil technology. Loading.... Transport Units - Provide faster mobility for minions.

Light Infantry - Basic minion unit/easy to produce

Heavy Infantry - Hard hitting minion unit/ Requires more resources to build.

Cavalry - Comprised of Heavy minion and Vehicle units.

Scouts - Lack attack potential but the only unit able to discover and capture caches. Why is it easier to become a witch than it is to learn windows? Thank you for watching! Map Editor Online Multiplayer Modes No matter if your battling in the city or the surface of the moon, hazards of all kinds will threaten all who encounter them. The Map editor gives the creative reigns to the player. Personalized maps will let players create with their own idea of fun in mind. It will also open the game for tournament play by letting professional level designers create maps with better balance than our random generator. Map Editor
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