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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

No description

Adriana Hill

on 21 August 2017

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Transcript of ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

Bienvenidos a la clase de español.


1. LLeguen a tiempo.
2. Completen todas las tareas.
3. Respeten a sus compañeros
y profesora, tanto en el trato
como en el lenguaje.
4. Traigan su cuaderno todos los
5. Lean, participen y estudien toda la informacion del cuaderno.

Consequences for breaking the rules

Desfiles patrios

Las prácticas se realizarán todos los martes.
Hora: 3:00 pm


Homework: Study at least ten minutes
everyday, words are in the vocabulary
section of the student binder.
Handouts given in class, please check
every section of the binder for
homework or incomplete work from class.

Quizzes: Every Tuesday, only from the
core vocabulary posted on

Core Vocabulary will be given
every Tuesday after the quiz on
the previous theme. These words will
be available on quizlet.

I will also post a pdf file on my school
website under the documents tab,
with the words of the week.
Students can print flashcards if
they would rather study off line.

My class

I divide my class into different sections:

: In this first section of my class, we review previous lessons, we have dictations with the purpose of improving their listening skills in Spanish, we also sing and talk with the purpose of improving and reinforcing previously taught vocabulary. In this section my goal is to use repetition as an aid to acquiring the language.
2. Spea
I teach them how to hold a conversation in Spanish, make requests, follow instructions, correct use of grammar, etc.
3. Mini Lesson:
We practice the core vocabulary of the week through movement, repetition, games, worksheets, etc.
4. Culture
: Watch videos or read material related to the Hispanic Culture.

6th grade syllabus
1. Greetings
2. Family
3. Describing people
4. Parts of the body
5. Feelings
6. Color and Numbers
8. Months,Seasons,

9. Sports and other hobbies
10.Members of the
11. Time, numbers, countries
12.Calendar (days of the week
months and Holidays).
13. Transportation
14. Household terms
15. Food
16. Review

60% Class Participation, Projects, Test

40% Quizzes, homework
Estudios universitarios
Bachelor Art in Spanish UNCC
Universidad Tecnológica
de Panamá
¿Qué me ha motivado a ser una educadora?

El deseo de ayudar a todos los jóvenes a descubrir y explotar su máximo potencial , no importando sus debilidades o limitaciones. Creo en la disciplina pero creo más en inculcar el amor al aprendizaje.
El colegio extiende una cordial invitación a todos los estudiantes de noveno grado.

Asunto: Desfiles patrios del 4 de noviembre.
Comunicación con
los estudiantes y acudientes.
Warm up
Answer these questions in English on the piece of paper you were handed when you entered the classroom. Write your name and period on the paper.
1. Do you speak any Spanish?
2. Why are you taking Spanish?
3. What would you like to learn in Spanish?

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