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Student-Led IEPs

No description

Lauren Royer

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Student-Led IEPs

Erin Hawes
Justin Hawker
Lauren Royer The "I" in IEP: Student-Led IEPs What Does a Traditional IEP Meeting Look Like? EXAMPLE OF STUDENT LED MEETING Conference with IEP team where student leads the discussion

Case Manager moves from a leadership role to a facilitative role

Student moves from passive role to a more active role

Families become more actively engaged in a discussion with their child, opposed to the child's case manager What are Student-Led IEPs? Increase student's responsibility for learning
Develop skills related to post-secondary goals
Self Advocacy
Social Skills
Self Determination
Public Speaking
Understand their disability and what they need to be successful
Improves parent and teacher attendance (Bailey, Guskey)
Changes the climate of the IEP Meeting
Student Strengths
Positive Interaction with Adults Why Change What's Already Working? Don't Believe Us?
Let's Hear What Our Students Have To Say - Case Manager Duties
*Prior to meeting
* At meeting
* After meeting

- Student Duties Address strengths and needs What Does a Student-Led IEP Meeting Look Like For A Case Manager What Does a Student-Led IEP Meeting
Look Like For A Student Discuss classes

Request and RESPONDS to teacher input Understand and discuss goals Discuss accommodations and current utilization of them Speak directly to parents and requests their input Actively explain plans for the future Samples of Student PowerPoint PRIOR TO THE MEETING
Schedule meeting and invite attendees

Meet with student in advance to discuss student expectations

Rehearse meeting agenda DURING THE MEETING

Prompt students, if needed


Ensure paperwork is signed students' Views on Traditional IEPs Why We Made the Move to Self-Directed IEPs QUESTIONS?
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