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Cloud Computing

No description

Casey Chan

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing
Case Study
Discussion Questions
Can you think of any other company that could potentially run its entire business on Salesforce?
What do you think could motivate a company to incorporate cloud computing into a larger part of their system?
Is it possible for a company to run its entire business using Salesforce.com, Force.com and App Exchange?
Potential Company-H&M
Challenges of running entire business
using Salesforce.com
Reliability & security
Problem with fitting & return goods
Personal preference
Pros 1: Flexibility
Ease of access to data from servers outside the office & not hard-wired in-house servers
Synchronized work
Pros 2: Cost Efficient
"Toyota Friend"
For Employees
For Owners
Salesforce Chatter
Enables Collaboration
Expedites Communication
Increases Company Transparency
Salesforce Chatter
Transforms Customer Experience
The pay-per-use model
Lower IT expenses
Pros 3: Backup & Recovery
Almost unlimited storage
Simpler than other traditional methods of data storage
Pros 4: Reliability
The economies of scale
24/7 technical support
Highly trained experienced staff
Cons 1: Network Dependency
Anticipates Customers' Needs
Encourages Innovation
Connects Toyota Enthusiasts
Service interruptions
Cons 2: Centralization
Standardization Through Centralization
Cons 3: Security
Hack attacks
Privacy issues
Servers going down
What is CRM?
- Managing the relationships with customers
- Combines business processes, people, and technology
- Attracting and retaining customers
From EA Senior Director of Support Systems:
From EA Senior Director of Support Systems
"Building a great gaming experience is no longer enough. Publishers need to up their game and be totally connected with customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year."
Therefore. . .
- Build stronger relationships
- Capture feedback in real time to support iteration
- Rapid development cycles
Game-Changing Technologies
Working with Salesforce.com...
- Customers quickly access up-to-the- minute status updates
- Engage with EA game advisors
- Discuss hot topics
- Gamers can immerse in the EA brand
Better CRM
Instant feedback and Q&A
Product order and delivery service
Internal communication among departments
Virtual Fitting
Managing Business Information Systems and Applications
Group 2
Chan Casey Hoiyee 13020535X
Kwok Fung Kam 13023733D
Law Hiu Tung 13029627D
Tam Kwok Fu 13023825D
Tsang Chun Hei 13047171D
Yu Yan Chi 13023786D
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