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Smoking Ban

No description

Ciara Jones

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Smoking Ban

Smoking Ban!
Smoking is the leading cause of death in America.
Most is from second hand smoke that kills over 49,400 people per year.
Murders, alcohol use, illegal drug use, suicides, HIV disease and car accidents across the country is not even equatable to the amount death's per year that smoking contributes to, according the CDC.
Second hand smoke raises the heart rate and damage the heart muscle.
Smoking Facts
Lung Diseases
is a infection in the lungs which is caused by hazardous particles in the air, including the chemicals released from smoking.
inflammation of the airways to the lungs, often filled with mucus.
respiratory condition were their is an infection in the lungs.
Cigarette Chemicals
Formaldehyde(embalming fluid)
Ammonia (toilet cleaner)
Acetone (nail polish remover)
Nicotine (addictive drug)
Carbon Monoxide (CO)(car exhaust fumes)
Arsenic (rat poison)
Hydrogen Cyanide (gas chamber poison)
Many more, in total there are 7,000 chemicals in a cigarette, and 4,000 in released into the air per cigaret.
Black and Mild Cigars
One black and Mild is equivalent to 15 cigarettes!
Carbon Dioxide
Hydrogen Cyanide
There about 10,000 chemicals in a black and mild, however the "filter" that is claimed to be there, does nothing.
Places that banned smoking for the better!
Cape May, A beach in New Jersey
Belmar Beach, New Jersey
Atlantic City, Casino, New Jersey
Bergenfield Park, New Jersey
Smoking can burn a hole in your esophagus.
Smoking can inablile you to do simple tasks, washing yourself, etc.
Eight people die every minute from smoking
Every 15 smokers, takes the lives of 3 non-smokers.
The Surgeon General released evidence supporting the fact that second hand smoke is a dangerous health hazard.
Second-hand-smoke cause the formation of blood clots.
Yes I believe that they should ban smoking but they're are many alternatives.
Instead of the chemical cigarettes/cigars, they should use electrical ones because it's all water vapor.
Another way is to have them chew this gum called nicorette, which helps stop smoking
By: Ciara Jones and Kiara Espinal
Heart Disease
disease from the heart
a condition in which the lungs are damaged and enlarged
a inflammation in the lungs were the bronchi is now narrow.
The different, dark color bronchi is showing how the bronchi is dying.
The airway with the "yellow mucus" is the inflammation in the lungs and shows what happens.
The dark part of the lung were it is noted "infected lung" shows were the sickness/infection occured.
The yellow part of the heart shows were the blood clot and plague built up at.
The dug in holes/dark holes shows the infected Alveoli.
The bronchiloe shows the bronchi restrained and a narrow opening in it, which makes it hard to breath.
This is the electrical cigarettes
This is the gum that helps restrain your "needing" to cigarettes.
How does smoking effect Infants?
SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Low Birth Weight

Respiratory Problems
How does it effect children?
Impairs children's ability to learn

Behavioral Problems

How does it effect adults?
Decreased Lung Function

Respiratory Disease

Failed Embryo's in Women
Extended Facts
Atleast 50% of kids suffer damage to their lungs and breathing problems
People who are at great risk of being harmed by second hand smoke are pregnant women and infants/children.
The percent of teens begin smoking as a result of tobacco company.
The percentage of children less then 5 years old live in a house with one smoking parent is 50-67%
How does this relate to Personal Finance ??
Financial Impacts's
Hospital bills,
Money spent of cigars or cigarettes,
School bills

On average, a smoker smokes five packs a week which$110 per month or $5730 per year.

If the smoker actually invested that $110 in the bank with the interest rate of 6 %, they would make 18,131 over the course of the first decade and, 51,167 after 20 years.
According to Duke University, for every pack of cigarettes that cost $5.51, in return, the medical expenses are $18.05 per pack.
How much money are you throwing away from your life by smoking cigarettes ?
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