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Water Hyacinth

No description

Monique Furman

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth
The water hyacinth has taken over a lot of the world! Like, Australia, most of Asia, and most of North America.
The water hyacinth is an aquatic plant with a purple flower and glossy, round leaves. It usually floats on the surface of water. Sometimes it can be found stuck in mud. The water hyacinth is one of the fastest growing plants known.
The water hyacinth is native to the Amazon Basin. Many tourists were fascinated by the beauty of the water hyacinth so they brought it along with them so they could decorate their gardens. What they didn't know, is it would cause much damage later on.
Then, it began to live all over the world.
Eichornia Crassipes
Ecological Damage
Economic/Financial Damage
The Water Hyacinths in the Southern United states (and other regions) are a serious environmental problem. They grow too fast and they may double in number every ten days! They cover the entire water surface and make things below suffer. There is no sunlight for plants below, and no oxygen for fish.
The water Hyacinth effects the Economy because it blocks water ways so boats can't get through. This effects the economy because boats can't get their shipped goods to where they need to fast enough. The Water Hyacinth blocks a lot. In Florida millions of dollars are spent trying to control Water Hyacinths.
Prevention and Possible Remedies
Possible Remedies
One of the most effective methods for prevention of the water hyacinth taking over your yard, is to control nutrient levels where it may grow. Another way to prevent water hyacinth growth is to clean equipment that has been near water hyacinths.
At this time there are no effective remedies but scientists are trying chemical and insect control.
But wait!
Although, water hyacinths cause lots of damage, they can be useful.
Water Hyacinth Furniture
Believe it or not, but did you know that you can make furniture from dried water hyacinths?! Lets watch this video to prove it.
Scientists are also on the road to finding a way water hyacinths can be food for cattle.
Aren't the things water hyacinths can do cool?
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