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The necessities of life

No description

ahmned binhadi

on 23 November 2011

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Transcript of The necessities of life

The neccessities of life
types of neccessities of life:
Air,water ,place to live ,food
all organism need water to survive. water is very important to our life we can survive only 3 days
a place to live
:al organism need place to live that contain things that organism can survive.
all living thing need food to live food gives us to energy and break down the food.
making food:
some organism make there own food like producer .producer are plants that make there own food
taking food:
some organism eat other organism there called consumer. example of consumer is tiger is a consumer because other organisms.
proteins are large molecule that are made up of smaller molecule called amino acid. proteins are very because they build our muscles
making protein
s : organism break down the proteins in food to supply their cells amino acid.
proteins in action
:proteins have different function some proteins form structure that are easy to see and other are very small and help cells do their job
carbohayadrates made up of suger. cell use carbohydrates as source of energy there are two types of carbohydrates complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates.
simple carbohydrates:
simple carbohydrates are made up of one suger molecule or a few suger molecule linked together .
complex carbohydrates
complex carbohydrates are made of hunderds of suger molecule linked together.
lipids are compound that cannot mix with water. lipid have head and tail.
phospholipid are the molecules that form much of the cell membrane. all cell sournded by a cell membrane that keep the cell protected to be stable.
fats and oil
fats and oil are lipid that store energy .the structure of the fats and oil are alomost the same
Adenosine triphosphate is an another important molecule .ATP is the major energy carrying molecule in the cell.
nucleic acid
air is very important we need air to breath.air is a mixture of several gases
the differnces between fats and oil is that the fats is solid and oil is a liquid some times fats and oil are both liquid
nucleic acid are the main information carrying molecule of the cell.
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