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Holocaust Survivors

This is a prezi about Holocaust survivors..

Jee hyun Moon

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Holocaust Survivors

Significant experiences Holocaust Survivor
Gloria Hollander Lyon G9A Jee hyun Moon Lyon lived in Auschwitz for seven months,
and she had interpreted that she was treated
in a non-humanitarian way in the concentration
camp. Lyon was whipped by the Nazis, and she lived
in a harsh environment, sharing a single blanket with
a large group of women.The Nazis gave the
Jewish prisoners low-calorie meals, to prevent the
prisoners from escaping the camp. Gloria has seen a
woman who managed to escape to meet her husband.
However she was caught, and the Nazis brought the woman and executed her. Gloria was horrified when she saw a man, dripping with blood after an execution. In a terrible, horrifying period, Lyon started to grow faith in God, and believe in God. Her faith led her to survive through the incidents of the Holocaust. Gloria has been to seven concentration camps; and she decided to escape from the gas chamber truck. Nevertheless, Gloria lost her mother and her sister from the massacre. Gloria succeeded, and married Karl Lyon, a German-Jewish refugee.
Gloria's experience is significant, because she managed to escape from the gas chamber truck, which requires high courage and bravery. Lyon's experience reflects the tragedy of the Holocaust, thus her experience in the concentration camps is an evidence of the Holocaust that remains today. Holocaust Survivor
Gloria Hollander Lyon Biography * born on Jan 20th, 1930 in Czechoslovakia
* a survivor of seven concentration camps
(including Auschwitz, Ergen-Belsen, Beendorf and Ravensbrück.)
* grew up in a prosperous family
* went to high school
* sent to Auschwitz in the age of 14. (1944)
* escaped from the concentration camp
* Her mother, sisters, brothers and her father died.
* married Karl Lyon
* lives in San-Francisco, California
* has 2 children and 9 grandchildren
* involved in education/ interviews related to the Holocaust Artifacts The Blind of Theresienstadt
(Czech Jewish artist) The yellow star of David Abraham Lewent's prisoner jacket(concentration camp) A short clip about Gloria Lyon's experience Poem
There was a girl who had braids as brown as reeds, eyes as green as meadows.

The Elbe river ran down through her bloodstreams; and all the way to Cuxhaven.

Soldiers in scarlet, white and black
took the name in vain in every Jude's stack.

The girl was taken to Auschwitz; which was far away from her homeland.

She glanced her wrist,
and saw the numerals imprinted in blue.

She scrutinized the innocent sacrifices, stacked in a pile of blue and white robes.

Emeralds were glaring in the sky; her prayer was granted as she numbered the stars in the night sky. http://www.sfgate.com/health/article/Holocaust-survivor-stands-tall-amid-toll-of-abuse-3553367.php
(An article about Gloria Lyon)

http://library.thinkquest.org/12663/survivors/gloria.html (Gloria Lyon's picture)

(the star of David)


(Prisoner's clothes)

(concentration camps) Thanks for watching!! References
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