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Carnival Cruise Line

No description

Maddie Arribe

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line Fleet Itineraries Carnival Cruise Line Its trademark is the funnel, which is red, white and blue and shaped like a whale's tail. A British-American owned cruise line, based in Doral, Florida, a suburb of Miami in the United States.
Originally an independent company founded in 1972 by Ted Arison, the company is now one of eleven cruise ship brands owned and operated by Carnival Corporation & PLC. The mascot for Carnival is "Fun Ship Freddy", a character in the shape of Carnival's distinctive funnel. Carnival Cruise Ships
Its ships are known for their Las Vegas-style decor and entertainment.
The line calls its ships "The Fun Ships," and there are a wide range of activities offered on board. Carnival cruise ships are some of the most recognizable passenger vessels in the world. The Carnival fleet currently offers more than 20 ships ready to treat eager passengers to the vacation of a lifetime. About Carnival Cruise Ships Carnival ships come in a range of sizes to suit every traveler's desires. Smaller ships are more intimate but still offer luxurious trappings for a spectacular cruise, while the largest ships have dozens of amenities, activities, and features to explore. The cruise line's distinctive slogan "A million ways to have fun" What's In a Name The name of a ship often embodies her personality, and there is no doubt that Carnival cruise ships are meant to have fun.
Ships like Celebration, Fantasy, Fascination, Paradise, and Elation, are designed for a good time.
Ships like Spirit, Valor, Victory, Triumph, Freedom and Splendor imbuing each voyage with a sense of challenge and adventure. Size: about 70,000 gross tons to 113,000 gross tons;
Passenger capacity: 2,000 to more than 3,000 passengers. Maintains a fleet of cruise ships in seven classes. Amenities common to all ships include multiple decks of state rooms, pools, restaurants, lounges and casinos. Designed for the revitalization of the mind, body and soul. Get your workout in and spend the day soaking in the Jacuzzi, lounging on the sun-drenched deck or swimming in the crystal-clear pool. Spa Carnival Fun Ship Fitness Stress Sails Away Look Your Best Entertainment Las Vegas Style Shows Bars & Nightclubs Live Entertainment Camp Carnival Features Jacuzzi Fun Ship Fitness Stay in shape with Spa Carnival's state-of-the-art exercise equipment, jogging track and aerobics classes. Each ship's spa features a staff of knowledgeable fitness experts ready to assist you. Stress Sails Away Feel the stress sail away as you pamper your body and mind. Relax and revive with a trip to our steam room and sauna. For the ultimate in relaxation, soothe your tired and aching muscles with a full-body massage. Look Your Best Look and feel your best as you stroll around the ship and ports. Spa Carnival features a variety of beauty treatments for both men and women including: facials, loofah treatments, manicures, pedicures and hairstyling. Spa Carnival Las Vegas-style shows, exciting nightclubs and live entertainment are just a few reasons Carnival's fleet of floating resorts are known as the "Fun Ships". Every "Fun Ship" in the Carnival fleet is unique. Entertainment Las Vegas Bars and Live Entertainment Raise your glasses and make a toast to old friends and the new ones you’re making every day. You’re sure to find the perfect watering hole to kick back and watch the game or sing along at the piano bar. When you’re ready, move the party to one of our nightclubs and dance late into the night. Cheers! Catch a rising star as a wide variety of singers, comedians, bands and musicians perform nightly out on deck or in one of the many clubs and lounges. Whether its calypso, country or rock, we’ve got you covered. Experience the music, dancing, lights and costumes that make these spectacular stage shows nothing less than extravaganzas. Every effort has been made and no expense has been spared to ensure every night feels like opening night. Style Shows Nightclubs Toddlers (ages 2-5) Can enjoy "Fun Ship" Bingo, Cartoon Time, Sponge Painting, Sing-Alongs, Face Painting, Arts & Crafts, Playtime, Coloring, Painting, and Drawing Contests. Junior (ages 6-8) Kids (ages 9-11) Teens (12-14) Carnival's Club O2 (ages 15-17) Can enjoy Cookie Decorating, T-Shirt Painting, Puppet Shows, Outdoor Games, Disney Trivia, and more. Can enjoy Parties, Games, Tournaments, Disco Parties, Swimming, Outdoor Fun, Computers, PlayStation2, Teen Dinners, Late Night Movies & Munchies, and Teen Shore Excursion Program. Is perfect for older teens with parties, hip music, great movies, video games (PS2 and Xbox), teen shore excursions, teens-only lounges and other great ways to hang out. Camp Carnival Can enjoy Ping Pong, Video Games, Dance Classes, Scavenger Hunts, and Talent Shows. Departure Ports With more than 20 ships in the fleet, Carnival offers sailings from many different departure ports. The line is headquartered in Miami, but ships are regularly based in Port Canaveral, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida; New York City; Los Angeles and San Diego, California; Vancouver, Canada; and San Juan Puerto Rico along with other port cities. Carnival offers an amazing range of cruise itineraries, from short weekend 3- and 4-day voyages to longer sailings, including 7-day eastern, southern, and western routes in the Caribbean. Other popular itinerary options include Alaskan cruises, Mediterranean cruises, Hawaiian cruises, and numerous options for Canadian, New England, Mexico, and Bahamas destinations. The great thing about the fleet associated with Carnival is that in addition to accommodating adults, children are also provided with a variety of programs and entertainment venues. Dream Class ships are the largest in the Carnival Cruise Line Fleet. Dream Class ships include the Carnival Dream and Carnival Magic. Ships in this class have a gross tonnage of 130,000 and a length of 1,004 feet, with a cruising speed of 20 knots. They can carry up to 3,652 guests, based on double occupancy.

Splendor Class. The Carnival Splendor is the only ship in Carnival's Splendor class. It has a gross tonnage of 113,300 and a length of 952 feet, with a cruising speed of 21 knots. The Carnival Splendor can carry up to 3,006 passengers in its 1,503 state rooms. Dream Class Splendor Class Carnival has five ships in the Conquest class: the Carnival Conquest, the Carnival Glory, the Carnival Valor, the Carnival Liberty and the Carnival Freedom. These ships have an average gross tonnage of 110,000 and length of 952 feet, with a cruising speed of 22.5 knots. Assuming two passengers per room, they can accommodate up to 2,974 guests.

Triumph class ships have a gross tonnage of 101,509 and a length of 893 feet. They cruise along at 21 knots and have accommodations for 2,758 passengers, with an average of two guests per room. Conquest Class Triumph Class Carnival Cruise Lines has just one ship in the Destiny class, the Carnival Destiny. This ship is just slightly smaller than the Triumph class. The Carnival Destiny weighs 101,353 gross tons, is 892 feet long, cruises along at 21 knots per hour and can accommodate 2,642 passengers in shared guestrooms.

Spirit Class. Spirit class ships are lower and sleeker than most others in the Carnival fleet. They have a gross tonnage of just 88,500, but are 960 to 963 feet long. They hold 2,124 passengers (assuming double occupancy). Carnival ships in this category include the Carnival Spirit, the Carnival Pride, the Carnival Miracle and the Carnival Legend. Destiny Class Spirit Class Carnival's smallest ships are in its Fantasy Class. Eight ships fall into this category: the Carnival Elation, the Carnival Fantasy, the Carnival Ecstasy, the Carnival Inspiration, the Carnival Imagination, the Carnival Fascination, the Carnival Sensation and the Carnival Paradise. Ships in this class have a gross tonnage of 70,367 and length of 855 feet. They cruise at 21 knots and can accommodate 2,052 guests, two per room. Fantasy Class
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