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Ordeal by Cheque

No description

Travis Wiederstein

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Ordeal by Cheque

Ordeal by Cheque
September 1903
After nine months of eager anticipation, Lawrence Exeter's wife finally goes into labor. Mr. Exeter, a self-made millionaire, has been preparing their home for the child over the last couple of months, but still has several things to buy for his new born son. Tragically, his wife does not survive the child birth. Before passing, she had one last request: for her child to be named after her husband, whom she adored.
October 1921
After filling out several applications and attending numerous interviews, Lawrence Exeter Jr. lands an offer of admission to Stanford University. (his father's insistence on military school no doubt leading to his son's success).
1923-November 1926
While his son is away at college, Lawrence Exeter Sr. meets a French business woman by the name of Miss Daisy Windser and falls in love. He soon proposes and sends a series of checks to his new fiancee, who has a history of poor financial responsibility. After tying up her loose ends in France, she moves to the United States to marry Lawrence Exeter Sr.. Upon her arrival, she is showered with lavish gifts from her husband including flowers, jewelery, and even a trip to Hawaii.
November 1926
Soon realizing that his new wife is nothing more than a gold digger, Lawrence Exeter sends $200,000 to his son to keep his new wife from inheriting a large portion of his retirement funds.
Lawrence Exeter Jr. meets the love of his life and begins to send extravagant gifts to her. All of these gifts, combined with Lawrence Exeter Jr.'s care-free lifestyle attract the attention of a local mobster, Tony Spagoni. Tony holds him at gun point and forces him to send him money to fund the mob's shenanigans.
After courting the love of his life for nearly three years, Lawrence Exeter Jr. proposes to his girlfriend and soon becomes engaged. In fall of 1930, the couple is married in a ceremony planned by Miss Flossie Wentworth. Soon after, Mrs. Exeter is written into Lawrence Exeter Jr.'s will by a small law firm and court.
Over the next few years, Lawrence Exeter Sr. struggles to raise his son as a single parent. As soon as his son is old enough, Mr. Exeter sends him to boarding school, and then military school. Despite his absence, Mr. Exeter continues to send gifts, including a new car, (which inevitably wrecks) to his son.
Once again confronted by Tony Spagoni, Lawrence Exeter Jr. must act fast to keep the mob from taking all of his inheritance. So, he sends nearly all of it ($175,000) to his sister, Marie Wheaton Exeter. In a last ditch effort to get rid of Tony, Lawrence pays two hit men to take Tony out. However, the two just take the money and run.
Lawrence is forced to pay Tony again, after his hit men bail. Tony soon finds out about Lawrence's plan to kill him and starts to plan his revenge. Tony convinces one of his men to act as a friend of Lawrence's father and invites Lawrence to lunch. While at the restaurant, Peter (Tony's gunman) shoots Lawrence. Lawrence is rushed to a nearby hospital, but succumbs to his injuries. His father father is left with the medical and funeral bills.
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