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Gun Safety

No description

Coryray Holbrook

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Gun Safety

Background information
DATE: 12-4-13
CREATED BY: Cory Holbrook
Thesis Statement
"More than a third(35%) of homes with children-that's 22 million children ages 18 and under in more than 11 million homes had at least one firearm, found researchers in a Rand-UCLA study. But only 35% of these families keep their firearms locked, unloaded, separate from ammunition as recommended by the American Academy of Pedestrians"("Gun Safety for Kids and Youth").
Accidental death and suicide is a bad problem slowly increasing.
Topic Reason 3
Growing number in accidental deaths from firearms.
Source 2
"Guns are every where, with one study saying that there are enough guns in the united states to arm every man woman and child. Thats more than 300 million guns"(Causey).
Summary of Topic
people killed every day by guns
the number of guns is huge
the large number of accidental deaths
Guns are very dangerous if mishandled
A lot of incidents could be prevented if gun safety was taught.

Topic reason 2
There are so many guns in the United States that can be taken or used to harm others.
Quote 2
"in this group, 822 children committed suicide with a gun, 1972 suffered a gun- related homicide, and 212 died an accidental death that was related to firearms"(Cecilia).
Worked Cited

Causey, James E. "Opinion: Should We Teach Kids Gun Safety." MIlwaukee Journal Sentinel [Milwaukee] 23 Aug. 2009: n. pag. Print.

Cecilia, Obeng. "Should Gun Safety Be Taught in Schools? Perspectives of Teachers." Professional Development Collection: n. pag. Print.

"Gun Safety a Good Idea for School." McClatchy-Tribune News Service 15 May 2009: n. pag. Print.

Gun Safety for Kids and Youth. University of Michigan Health System, 2013. Web. 24 Oct. 2013.

Quote Two
"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that in 1997 2,514 children aged 0-14 were non-fatally injured by guns In the same year 30,225 young people 15-24 sustained nonfatal firearm injuries" ("Gun Safety for Kids and Youth")
Quote one
"Farmers presentation included a sobering reminder of how dangerous guns are if not handled properly; a video about 18 year old Joshua Martin, of Wapakonesta who was killed in March 2006 when a friend was goofing around with a gun both thought was unloaded. The gun discharged, striking Martin in the face"("Gun Safety a Good Idea for Schools").
Topic Reason one
Many people don't realize how deadly guns and lethal guns are.
Gun Safety
Gun Safety
Think about how many people die a year from guns thousands a lot of these are preventable.
Gun safety is very important and if a gun is handled they can be very lethal.
Many people haven't even handled or shot a gun before they don't even no were or what the safety is on a gun.

Children should be taught gun safety because guns are very dangerous, many people own guns in the United States, and because the growing number of accidental deaths.
Stories like these happen more than many people may think.
This shows the number of non-fatal incidents were children and young adults were shot ages 0 to 24.
Source 1
35% may not seem like a lot but that's 35 % of people leave their children and others easy access to their guns.
Explanation 2
If one of these guns were to get in a child's hands and mishandled it could cause injury or even death to themselves or others.
Quote 1
"Furthermore, the firearms are loaded in 14% to 30% of the homes with children were such weapons are on the premises-a situation likely to increase the number of accidental deaths associated with firearms"(Cecilia.
Explanation 1
With in homes 14% to 30% of guns are left loaded this highly increases the rate of accidental death.
Period: 2nd
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