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Allusions Project

No description

Connor Bate

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Allusions Project

A passing reference to something or someone outside of the immediate scope of the work that explains a situation. The success of an allusion is usually based on the person's familiarity with the reference.
"When we walked into the park, my brother said it was like the Garden of Eden."
In the bible, the Garden of Eden is a paradise that God made for mankind.
In the book
, Gollum, a character from
Lord of the Rings
, is mentioned to describe who a seventh grader thought August looked like.
Allusions in Wonder
"Let's get out of here," Jack said to me quietly, and he pulled me by my sweatshirt sleeve and started walking away from them.
"Wait wait wait!" yelled the guy with the flashlight, cutting us off. He pointed the flashlight right in my face again, and now he was only about five feet away. "Oh man! Oh man!!" he said, shaking his head, his mouth wide open. "What happened to your face?"
"Stop it, Eddy," said one of the girls.
"I didn't know we were watching
Lord of the Rings
tonight!" he said. "Look, guys, it's Gollum!"
This made his friends hysterical.

The Quote From Wonder
The Connection Between Wonder and Gollum
I think the connection between Wonder and Gollum is the author wanted to help the reader understand what August looks like. I think the author also wanted the reader to know what the seventh grader Eddy thought August looked like.
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