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Merida's Hero Journey

No description

Rachel Williams

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Merida's Hero Journey

Merida's Hero Journey in Brave
Ordinary World
In an Ordinary World for most hero's is abnormal or boring. Merida was the Princess of some land, but she didn't act like it. She was into archery not tea parties. Merida lived with her mother, her father, and her three brothers.
Call to Adventure
The call to adventure is when a hero is summoned on a journey. Merida's call to adventure was when she became a princess and was given 3 suitors to win her hand in marriage. She didn't like the idea but it wasn't up to her. It was up to her mother. Merida's adventure was becoming a princess and being like her mother.
Refusal of call
Refusal of the call is when the hero wants to back out, but they are a hero so they can't. Merida and her mother didn't see eye to eye on anything. They got in a huge argument and Eleanor (the mother) threw Merida's bow n arrow into the fire but immediately regretted it. Therefor Merida ripped the family tapestry between her and her mother. Then she took off on her horse.
Tests, Allies, Enemies
Tests, allies, and ermines are people that tested them and/or helped them along the way.When Merida takes off on her horse she finds a trail of Willo Wisps that guided her to an old witches house where she gave her a potion to change her mother. The witch is an ally and enemy in the fact that her intentions were good but the outcome wasn't what Merida expected.
Approach the Inmost Cave
Approaching the inmost cave is when the hero is in a sticky situation and its the most exciting dangerous part of the book or movie. For an example, the climax in a plot line. Merida gives her mother the potion in cake form and she takes a bite. She instantly turns into a bear and the witch told her something before she disappeared. "fate be changed look inside, mend the bond torn by pride". This part is dangerous because Merida's father is trying to kill Eleanor because shes a bear. Later on Mordu attacks Merida and Eleanor in bear form saves her.
The Ordeal
The ordeal is like the ultimate test that a hero takes on. Usually the hero is debating staying where they are on the quest or going home and becoming known as a hero. Mordu attacks Merida, and her mother, in bear form, steps in to help her. Thats a key part because they start to realize how amazing the other truly is. Merida realizes that in order to turn her mother back to human she had to sew back together the family tapestry.
Something changes within the hero during the resurrection stage and they become master of 2 worlds. Merida and her mother admit that they are being selfish and decide to work together and fix the mess. Her mother and Merida get along now because they have bother changed and learned more about each other. Merida fixed the tapestry and her mother. she says "mom, you have changed." and her mother replies "darling we both have."
Reward/Road back
The reward or road back is when the hero is on their way home as a changed person and that is the reward. Unless they get a physical item to reward them for their bravery. Merida gets her mother back, and restores her whole family. She sewed together the family tapestry where it was torn and they done exactly see eye to eye now but they certainly get along better and make compromises. The father kills Mordu, the bear, and Merida isnt required to get married yet
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