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Language Learning Strategies Classification: Through Time

Task for GE6533 Language Learning Strategy Instruction class for Prof. Amin :) Hope you enjoy! :D

Lisa Kwan

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Language Learning Strategies Classification: Through Time

CLASSIFICATION Rubin 1981 1990 O'Malley
Chamot Oxford 1985 Mohamed Amin Embi 2000 Cohen et al. 2002 Through time... Prepared by:
Lisa Kwan Su Li
TESL/2 Direct
Strategies Cognitive
Strategies Metacognitive
Strategies Indirect
Strategies Social
Strategies Communication
Strategies Metacognitive
Strategies Cognitive
Strategies Socio-affective
Strategies Direct
Strategies Memory
Strategies Cognitive
Strategies Compensation
Strategies Indirect
Strategies Metacognitive
Strategies Affective
Strategies Social
Strategies S
T ocial strategies etacognitive strategies ffective strategies emembering strategies est-preparation strategies Listening
Strategies Speaking
Strategies Reading
Strategies Writing
Strategies Vocabulary
Strategies Translation
Strategies The End Metacognitive
Strategies :)
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