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the best prezi ever

No description

Mel Thompson

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of the best prezi ever

Family :)
Canoeing and dance is a huge part of my life!
My name is Melinda Ann Megan Thompson
I was born on July 27th, 2000 on my mom's birthday. I don't celebrate my birthday though. To me birthdays are over-rated.
I went to St. Catherine's.
All the way from jk to grade 8
the best prezi ever
All about that Mel <3
This is an old dance pic.
This is an old canoeing pic

As you can tell I go to CTK
This is my favorite band!
I have a HUGE crush on Josh Hutcherson
My learning styles:
multiple Intelligence (top 2):
I am natyralistic
I have an obsession with cop shows
flash point
how to get away with murder
~love animals

~ learns with pictures

brain dominance

I am right brain!
~ imagination

strengths and needs
~verbal reasoning skills
~ reading comprehension
~ expressive language
~ attention skills

~ extended time
~minimize distractions
~ Access to computers
~ example sheet

future goals

~ be a social worker or grief counselor
~ go to Paris
~ write more scripts
~ have a dog
~ make my life worth living!!!!!!!!!!!
~ graduate
~ get married
~ have children
~ read 10000000000 more books.
~ watch more history shows with my dad.

My family is my dad, my brothers Adam and Nick. My mom passed away in August. I have 2 dogs named hope and faith.
~ feels connected to the earth
~ painting

~ prefer to work in groups
~ I like drawing
~ I like writing (scripts)
Like Augustine waters in fault in our stars, I fear oblivion. Even though I know no one will remember me when I'm dead, I just want to make the most of my life. All the struggles I've had to go through, I’ll make them worth my time. The reason why I want to be a social worker or grief counselor is to help all the kids. I'll understand what some of them have gone through. I know what’s it's like to listen to a social worker and grief counselor. They ramble on about how everything is going to be ok, but most don’t fully understand. But I'll be different! I know I'll never change the world, but maybe I'll help it. Maybe people will remember me (it's highly unlikely), but I have more of a chance for people to remember me if I do this than any other job. I will make my life worth living. I will change people’s lives, even if it’s just a few.
Augustus Waters ^^
a note from Mel:
I hope you learned more about me. I hope you know that I’m not just a hyper chick who won’t shut up unless she's reading. A girl who obsesses over josh Hutcherson. I'm a girl who Meany people truly don’t know.
and I also have Nomophobia (the fear of being with-out a mobile device. )
~ likes camping
visual learner
~ highlight notes
~ underlining
~ jotting down key ideas
I couldn't live with-out either one. I go to a white water canoeing camp. I also used to be a competitive dancer but
~Melly belly
~ Melinda Ann (if you call me this i will be mad)
~ Ann
*and a lot more
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