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Dropout Prevention

No description

Chelsea Rice

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Dropout Prevention

pregnant attendance other jail apathy behind in credits graduation tests age monetary
issues gangs drugs Warning Signs:
* Disengagement
* Weak grades in core subjects
* Poor attendance
* Little or no involvement in school
* Struggle in transition grades Case #1:
Name: Eduardo Chavez
Nickname: Eddie
School: Clarke Central High School
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Race(s): Hispanic
Birthdate: 11.19.1993
Socioeconomic: On free lunch
Attendance: Missed 13 days this semester
Involvement in school clubs: JV soccer freshman year.
Criminal record: Just got off parole, served time in juvi for selling drugs.

Grade should be in: 11th
Grade is in: 11th
Main reasons for coming to school: Getting food, being with girlfriend
Main reasons for possibly dropping out – selling drugs, gang affiliation, attendance
Other factors: Parents don’t speak English, Cumulative GPA in high school is a 77.89, and he's a charmer. Case #2
Name: Zachariah
School: Apalachee High School
Age: 17
Race: white
Socioeconomic: free lunch
Attendance: missed more than 25 days
Involvement: none
Criminal record: drug possession charges

Grade should be in: 12th
Grade is in: 10th
Main reasons for coming to school: girlfriend, connection with a teacher, enjoys borrowing books from teacher, getting food
Main reasons for dropping out: bored, believes it would be more valuable to sell drugs than to have a high school diploma
Other factors: Mother has severe mental issues (bipolar and possible schizophrenia), mother will not take him to summer school
Case #3
Name: Jessica Murphy
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Race: White
Socioeconomic: Middle Class
Attendance: More than 25 days
Involvement: None

Grade should be in: 11th
Grade is in: 11th
Main reasons for coming to school: Being with boyfriend and friends
Main reason for possibly dropping out: apathy, far behind in school work, attendance
Other factors: Parents uninvolved and apathetic

* PLC, alternative school
* RTI (response to intervention)
* Red Folder Committee
* conferences
* individual mentoring
* advisement
* counseling, social worker
* credit recovery
* getting them involved in a club, ROTC, sports
*Facts worksheet (Mandie)
* dual enrollment
* involving the family
* providing student with a safe environment
* look at their folder
* graduation coaches
* report comments made about drug possession, gang involvement, etc.
* alternatives methods (Jobcorps)
* pursuing GED
* incentive based programs
* individual teacher motivation
* hospital homebound SOLUTIONS! gaosa.org
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