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History of Computers

No description

Wakinya Bose

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of History of Computers

Abacus Is a counting device, mostly used as a remembrance tool for the user. Napier Bones Created the multiplication tables and the decimal point. Shickard Machine 1623 Revolving set of Napier Bones used to add and subject. Pascaline Resembles the common Day Odometer, First digital computer to carry digits it could only add. Inventor: Blaise Pascal Inventor: John Napier Inventor: Chinese
500 B.C. Inventor: Blaise Pascal Arithmometer 1st 4-function (Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide Inventor: Charles Xavier Thomas
1820 Difference Engine Produce 6-digit answers, weighed 1 ton, never completed Inventor: Charles Babbage
1822-1832 Analytical Machine Used punched cards, never completed, was to be steam powered. Inventor: Charles Babbage
Pinwheel Calculator 1st U.S. manufactored calculator Inventor: Frank Baldwin
1872 Tabulating Machine Calculated the 1890 census in 6 weeks Inventor: Herman Hollerith
1889 Z3 1st computer to read and store information using the binary code. Inventor: Konard Zuse
1938 Colossus Machine used to decipher the enigma
(2000 vacuum tubes) Inventor: Tommy Flowers
1941 ENIAC Built to calculate Artilly firing tables
(used 18,000 Vacuum Tubes) Inventor: Eckert and Mauchley Mouse Was not used until 1985, Navigation tool Inventor: Douglas Engelbart
1968 Intel Inc. To lead the market in Micro processing Inventor: Gordon Moore Internet First message sent over the internet was from San Francisco to Sacramento, it was the word LO. Inventor: Leonard Klienrock AMD To improve the micro processing World Inventor: Jerry Snaders
1969 IPhone 5 Developed by the company Mac the iphone is a smartphone that allows you to go on the internet to use. Inventor: Apple Inc.
2012 Tablets Tablets allow you to access the internet either with a plan, or using Wifi, it has great accesibility. Inventor: Bill Gates
2002 Google Glasses Inventor: Google Inc.
thought up of in 2012 Bluetooth Device that allows you to hands free talk on your cellular device. Inventor: Bluetooth Special Interest Group

1994 has LCD glasses and clearer view.
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