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Other graphs

No description

Mr Mattock

on 17 September 2016

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Transcript of Other graphs

Other graphs
Other graphs
1st question: (a) £56 (b) £65 - £50 = £15 cheaper at Barry's bricks.

2nd question: (a) £10 (b) Line going from (0,0) to (50, 75). After 20 miles Ed stops being cheaper than Bob (at 20 miles they are both £30)

3rd question: (a) Top graph = B, middle graph = A, bottom graph = C.
(b) £40. (c) Tariff C, graph is lower at 60 minutes (only pay
£25 rental on tariff C, £30 on tariff B and £32 on
tariff A).
L.O. - To draw the graphs of other real life situations.
Why does the graph
start at £16 rather than £0?

How much does the mixer cost per day?
Why does the graph
start at £16 rather than £0?
The hire charge

How much does the mixer cost per day?
Complete the other graphs sheet

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