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Not Every Student is a Square Peg

Meeting the Academic Needs of CVTC Students

Kim Nimsgern

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Not Every Student is a Square Peg

AS Faculty CVTC Student AS Faculty Faculty 1 - Math, Chemistry, Study Skills,
Faculty 2 - Writing, study skills, speech
PAL - Accounting and Business Classes 9:00 am Kim / Pal 9:30 am Tim / Fac 1 There is always one less appointment available than staff in the lab, so a faculty member is always on the floor
PAL Tutor I need help.
Where do I start? 24/7 On-line Introduction to Academic Support
& Personalized Assessment Let's talk about your assessment and figure out how we can best meet your unique needs. Initial Intake Session - 20 min Review Assessment
Determine eligible SS classes
Explain the integration of study skills
Enroll students in first SS class (banner)
Enroll student in E360 Community
Demonstrate time clock and check-in process Immediately following Intake Session
10 min Create folder
Enter time for meeting into time clock 10:00 am Updated each day to reflect schedule Sign up daily - decrease no-shows https://novisurvey.net/n/zzd45.aspx CVTC Student LC Help Desk Worker Pass out folders
Re-file folders
Pre-Intake Meeting Prep (folders)
Greet students waiting for Intake
Alert Faculty that Student is waiting Getting (1:1) Tutoring is Easy! On the day you want help...
Stop by AS Lab
Find a time slot that works with your schedule
Sign up Help on the day that you want it
No more long term commitments
Don't need to work around tutor's schedule
Choose to Peer or Faculty No more "no shows"
No more wasted time matching Could be Faculty
or PAL Office Hours (6 wk) My credit class students can find me in the lab.
My syllabus lists my lab hours as my office hours If not in the AS lab I might be at the Help Desk or running a study group. http://www.brainshark.com/matc/vu?pi=zGmz10cFLYz66xIz0 Set the tone
Help students prepare for the assessment
Review services
Explain the process and rational Personalized
Assessment! Immediate feedback
Personalized Report Sample from Title III Success Plan If they choose, they can
schedule their Intake via
Appointment-Plus Office hours for credit class students will be during scheduled lab hours, freeing up the designated 6 hours to be "intake hours"
Intake hours (logistics)
regularly scheduled and assigned
a total of 36 hours/wk available New View of Help Desk Staff
Intake / Assessment
Tutoring Notes
Class schedule Folder could include When students check into the lab they will pick up their folder.
Lab staff will review the folder so they know who they are working with.
Folder is returned when the student leaves the lab. Check Students for time clock accuracy

Retention Efforts Not doing an intake? More accurate
Time Clock! 1. Survey floor
2. Look for folders (student's name)
3. Check iPad to see if student is clocked in
4. Compare class to work being completed
5. Update Time Clock on the spot as needed Connect with students who haven't returned after intake (2 weeks)
Connect with students with less than 4 hours
Serve as a contact person for the student Could be PAL
or Work Study Form relationships with students
Sense of responsibility and accountability for each student
Follow up with inactive students Disconnected Inaccurate Deficient Lack of connection / relationship
Lack of accountability for students
No follow up with inactive students Course assignments are inconsistent
No record / documentation of student contact
Time clock is inaccurate
Students signed in? Right class? No record or assessment of goals &/or needs
Students don't know what they need
No consistent integration of study skills Ineffective Inflexible Confusing AS Lab Tutoring Services Doesn't always match student needs
Creating matches is very time consuming
Students sometimes wait for weeks for a match
Tutors or Tutees don't always show up Hoops and long process
Requires long term commitment
1:1 tutoring with faculty is not available
(but often requested) Tutoring vs AS Lab
Students don't always know what they need
Who gets tutoring?
Most needy get help from students not faculty Benefits of Intake Model
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